Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Scottsdale AC Service Advice to Increase Your Units Lifespan

scottsdale ac serviceIt’s common when we make a major purchase, like a new home or car that we speak with the manufacture or builder to ask them about ways to keep this investment running smooth and efficient – right? Since most HVAC systems can cost quite a bit of money, it makes sense to take the same proactive measures to keep our cooling units running smooth as well. This is where activating a Scottsdale AC service plan is a smart investment for the future.

Most heating and air conditioning companies in Arizona understand the value of a good maintenance and service plan, and often recommend these programs to customers in order extend their HVAC lifespan. But, there are a few things that you as a homeowner can do to extend the lifespan of your home’s cooling unit – beyond the recommended AC service in Scottsdale. Here are a few tips to consider.

First – Activate a Regular Maintenance Program at Home

Did you know that there are three little things you can do each month to extend the life of your HVAC system? It’s true; and when you take a few minutes each week, you can not only extend equipment life, but also reduce the amount of energy you use to keep cool during the summer heat.

Follow these three tips at home:

  • Replace your indoor air filters every month. You can find replacement filters at most big-box retailers like Walmart, Target and Home Depot. They are very affordable and simple to replace.

  • Dust your vents each week. By removing the dust and debris from your vents, you’ll be reducing the particles that get trapped inside the filters – thus making it easier for the cooling unit to breathe.

  • Remove any debris from the outside AC system. Most air conditioning units are housed outside and can be blocked by tree branches, tumbleweeds, dirt and other ‘stuff’. By making sure they are free to breathe; the cooling unit will operate efficiently.

Second – Reduce Extended Usage

This might seem to be impossible – especially when it’s frequently over 100 degrees for more than half of the year. However, there is a difference between keeping your AC on vs. over using to create a similar effect. And believe it or not, the solutions to ensure your system is operating smooth can be done with ease.

Here are a few tips to ensure your system is not overworked.

  • Keep your window shades drawn. By reducing the amount of direct sunlight that enters the home, your home will maintain a lower average temperature.

  • Consider installing window shades on large windows. If you have large windows that face east or west, consider installing shades on them that can accomplish the above step without problem.

  • Keep your thermostat set on a comfortable temperature. Instead of turning your system on and off – keep it set at a comfortable temperature always.

Third – Shade the Unit to Reduce Wear and Tear

Finally, it stands logical to assume that if a piece of mechanical equipment is sitting in the sun for extended periods of time – it will wear our prematurely. This fact is intensified when the unit is absorbing 100 + degree temperatures, blowing dust and living through Haboobs. This is why the final thing you can do to extend your AC service in Scottsdale is to build a shade or covered unit over your AC system that sits outside.

Regular AC maintenance by a Scottsdale air conditioning expert, is by far the best way to ensure your system lives a long and productive life. By taking time to do a few things around your home to reduce the wear and tear – your cooling system can live longer than you might expect.


Learn more about the services for your AC system. Set up an appointment with the HVAC pros at Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling. Call 480-359-7141 now!

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Scottsdale AC Service Advice to Increase Your Units Lifespan

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Scottsdale HVAC Installation Preparation Mistakes to Avoid

scottsdale hvac installationThe process of buying a new heating or cooling system is stressful enough without having to worry about installation mistakes. However, the reality is that when you buy a new unit and skimp on the installation details, it can cost you a lot of money in the short and long term. This is why many professional companies that offer Scottsdale HVAC installation offer full service sales, installation and maintenance programs designed to save homeowners money – while also protecting their investment for years to come.

Here are three of the most common installation preparation mistakes to avoid that will ensure your install goes off without a hitch.

First – Only Work with Professionally Licensed HVAC Contractors

One of the most common mistakes that some homeowners make is working with a contractor that offers them what they assume is ‘the best deal’. However, when you peel back the layers of their offer and do some simple checks on their background, experience or simple certification – you’ll quickly discover that appearances can often be deceiving. This is why it’s always recommended to work with a licensed HVAC contractor that offers AC installation for Scottsdale homes. There are a few ways you can determine how good a contractor is at providing service quickly and easily:

  • Check with the BBB. The Better Business Bureau is dedicated to helping consumers find scrupulous contractors and companies. If a contractor is on the BBB bad list – walk away.

  • Check Angieslist.com. Another great resource for consumer reports from actual homeowners is Angieslist.com.

  • Ask your friends and families who they work with in Scottsdale.

Second – Make Sure the Area is Clean for the Installers

The second HVAC installation mistake to avoid is not a mistake at all. It’s more of a courtesy as a matter of fact. When AC contractors in Scottsdale prepare for an installation, one of the biggest hurdles is navigating the area around where the installation will be completed. A great help for these professionals is to contact them ahead of time to ask them if there are any special modifications or areas they need prepared in advance of the install. This does several things for the AC contractors:

  • First, it ensures a safe working environment

  • Second, it reduced the amount of prep time for them

  • Third, it can save you money if the installation is billed at an hourly rate

Third – Make Sure Correct Paperwork is in Order for Install

According to Angieslist.com, one of the biggest complaints that customer often have with contractors is lack of clear communication or issues with misleading paperwork. By all means, don’t assume that any company that will complete Scottsdale AC install will be 100% perfect. Mistakes can – and often do occur with some paperwork issues, such as billing information, warranty coverage and other details that are critical to protect you – the customer. Take time to review your complete installation, sales, service and maintenance contract with the Scottsdale hvac installation company before any services are rendered.


Have questions about installing an HVAC unit? Scottsdale Air and their experienced service technicians can answer any question you have about the HVAC installation process. Call 480.359.7141 today! 

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Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Improve Scottsdale Home Air quality with a Guardian Air Phi

guardian air phiLiving in the desert comes with multiple hurdles to navigate. Whether it’s the extreme heat in summer, the dangerous Haboobs that pop up out of nowhere in August or the frequent dust and dirt we find indoors, there are many items that contribute to creating headaches of living here. However, how often do we factor in our health? The fact is that indoor air quality in the desert is a huge issue. And since many people move to Arizona for health reasons, it stands to reason that finding affordable ways of improving indoor air quality simply makes sense. This is where the Guardian Air PHI technology can significantly help.

What is PHI Technology?

Guardian Air is the pioneers of PHI technology or the Photohydroionization® (PHI) process. Essentially, this purification system is designed to eliminate air pollutants that lead to common respiratory illness flair ups and discomfort by using an advanced oxidation process to attach to harmful particles and eliminate them. The system is installed directly to the home or commercial building HVAC system; meaning that anytime the unit is in operation – both heating and cooling system; the system is working to help improve indoor air quality anywhere the air vents travel. The PHI cells are the key to how this system works.

Basically, the cells work by combining water and air to release PHI particles into the air inside the home. Unlike UV light rays, which only destroy microorganisms, PHI particles can also destroy gases, vapors and odors – without releasing harmful levels of ozone into the air. The combination of O3, UV light and the PHI catalyst creates an advanced oxidation reaction. It’s this patent pending reaction that will target airborne cells at the source and eliminate them. The replacement cells are easily installed when they wear out – making this system extremely efficient and a great way to improve overall indoor air quality.

Why Use PHI Technology to Help Improve Indoor Air Quality?

If you could find a way to ensure that 99 percent of all harmful bacteria, particles, pollutants and chemicals were removed from the air inside your home – you’d take that effort to improve your right to breathe – correct? This is precisely what PHI technology cells accomplish through the Guardian Air System. The best benefit that this indoor air quality system provides is that it spreads clean air anywhere inside the home. Most air quality devices only work in each room and have limited range. However, the reality is that you don’t just live inside one room at your home or your commercial office space.

How Effective is the Guardian Air PHI System?

We’ve documented how well this system works to provide clean indoor air – but what are the ancillary facts to support this data? Here are some facts. The Guardian Air cell not only removes 99 percent of allergens, bacteria and harmful particles that can lead to allergy and asthma attacks, but it can also remove many odors and gases that most indoor air quality devices simply can’t accomplish. In fact, many micro-organisms that attack to food and spread harmful diseases like E-coli can be eliminated – up to 90 percent without leaving heavy doses of ozone in the air. This system leaves a room smelling fresh – like the air after a thunderstorm and can improve the sanitation and cleanliness of the air you breathe in every room inside your home. This allows the act of breathing easier for people with chronic respiratory illness and disease.


 Are you in need of a Guardian Air PHI installation company to improve your indoor air qualityScottsdale Air Heating & Cooling has been serving the valley for over 45 years! Call 480.359.7141 today! 

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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

How to Find Extreme Rebates for Heating and Cooling Systems

rebates for heating and cooling systemsWhen you have a cooling or heating system that has lived its last leg; finding a replacement system can be extremely stressful. One of the biggest problems is that new HVAC systems can be very costly. And since most home owners don’t have a tremendous amount of money saved up to outright purchase a new system, finding rebates for heating and cooling systems is critical to offset the overall cost of a new system.

Fortunately, there are a few easy ways to find rebates, tax incentives and cost saving discounts on installation, maintenance and other services that will put dollars back into your pocket.

First – Check on Energy Savings Tax Incentives at EnergyStar.gov

When the US Department of Energy established the Energy Star® rating system for major appliances, their primary intent was to reduce the amount of power required to operate these vital systems. However, as this program grew, it became readily apparent that it was also a tremendous consumer resource for taxpayers. As such, EnergyStart.gov has morphed into one of the best sources to find and explore all tax incentives and energy rebates for consumers that buy new cooling or heating systems.

Energy Star actually partners with individual brands, makes and models of cooling and heating units offer recycling incentives as well – saving home owners money on the overall cost of buying a new system. Energy Star is also the place to discover what tax incentives are available for each US State, and for the purchase of specific HVAC units. For example; if you’re looking to find AC tax breaks, and you want to purchase a new system for your home, you can head to their website to find out the criteria for rebates available. The Federal tax credits are typically offered to home owners that make energy saving improvements to their homes. By purchasing a new Energy Star® rated AC or Heating system that fits within their criteria, you can save a lot of money in the short and long term.

Second – Contact the Local HVAC Sales Company in Scottsdale

Whether you live in Scottsdale or any other city in the Phoenix metro area, one of the best sources for instant rebates on replacement HVAC units is to go directly to the company that sells, installs and services them. The best and most dependable HVAC companies work directly with major brands and can offer you factory direct rebates and savings programs that go much further than a simple discount. Some of the newest rebate programs include maintenance and service plan discounts – that will ensure your new HVAC system is kept running in great shape all year long.

The local HVAC Company will also work with you to ensure that you buy the best unit for maximum comfort and energy efficiency. And since most manufactures of new heating and cooling systems provide additional rebates and incentives for the proper installation of their systems – going directly to the company that will install and sell you the new unit is a smart place to start.

Regardless of what type of cooling or heating system you need to buy, it’s always a great idea to explore every opportunity to make sure you’re getting the best overall deal. Rebate and tax incentives can help you save money today, tomorrow and in the future – but working with the right company to service these new units will ensure your savings go much deeper and ensure that your return on investment is long lasting.


Servicing HVAC units for heating and air conditioning in Scottsdale AZ can be frustrating if you don’t have the right company doing the work. Call Scottsdale Air, a professional HVAC servicing company today to take out all the guess work for your unit.

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