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[New Post] Save Money On Your Air Conditioning Installation In Scottsdale published on scottsdaleair

air conditioning installation ScottsdaleIt has become common in many households these days to find smart ways to save on purchases. With gas prices still hovering around $3.50 per gallon, and the price of groceries increasing each month, finding clever and effective ways of saving money on major expenses such as air conditioning installation in Scottsdale is just as important.

Tips To Save Cash When Hiring AC Installation Company

Tip # 1 – Have A Load Calculation Completed Before You Install

The best way to save money on any major appliance purchase and installation is to always ensure you buy the right sized unit for your home. This is especially critical for replacement AC units. A professional HVAC contractor will always insist on having a load calculation completed before they sell you any new AC unit. However, this should be something that a conscious consumer requests. A load calculation is a detailed measurement that considers several factors, from how many floors a home has, to the square footage and even the direction of windows and doors to determine how big of an AC unit is right for the home.

A load calculation also considers energy efficiency as well as comfort. Since energy consumption rates are not lowering anytime soon, a great way to save money is to begin with a highly energy efficient new Air Conditioning Unit.

Tip #2 – Compare and Contrast Consumer Brands

After having a load calculation completed, the next step in saving money for a new AC installation service in Scottsdale is to compare the brand name units. Some systems are better than others. For example:

  • Some brands tend to last last longer than most other brands; you want to stay focused on highly energy efficient systems look for the Energy Star® rating.

  • From time to time different manufactures will offer rebates and incentives to purchase their products. But make sure you check the fine print in these ‘deals’ before you buy anything.

  • Check with the AC installation company to verify that they are ‘specialists’ for the brand of unit you are purchasing. If the HVAC installation experts have been highly trained by the manufacture to install their systems, you’ll be surprised on how efficiently the job will be completed.

Tip #3 – Have Your Ductwork Inspected and Repaired Before Installation

Another great way to save money on installation of a new AC system in Scottsdale is to have your home’s ductwork inspected and repaired if needed before the new unit is actually installed. A new AC unit is just one piece in the complete home AC system. And if the ductwork inside your home is dirty, leaking or broken in any way, it will significantly impact the performance of your AC system. Plus, a broken or dirty ductwork system can also lead to premature wear and tear of your new system leading to expensive repairs.

If you’re in the market for a brand new air conditioning unit and are searching for the best ways to save money on air conditioning installation in Scottsdale, simply follow these three important tips. You’ll be surprised how much money you’ll save when you buy and install the proper sized and brand of AC system.

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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

[New Post] What To Ask A Contractor That Provides AC Repair In Scottsdale published on scottsdaleair

AC Repair ScottsdaleGI Joe said it best – knowing is half the battle. And when it comes to hiring the right AC repair contractor in Scottsdale, knowing what type of questions to ask them can – and often will save you tons of time, money and ensure you retain the right person for the job. So if you are in the market for any type of AC Repair in Scottsdale, and have never contacted an AC repair technician, here are a few questions that you should ask that will help you find the right person to get your AC system back in good condition as the summer heat approaches.

3 Questions For An AC Repair Technician In Scottsdale

Question #1 – Are you a Licensed, Certified and Insured AC Repair Contractor in Scottsdale?

This might seem to be rather redundant and silly to ask, but believe it or not, these certifications and license requirements are highly important for receiving quality AC repairs in Scottsdale and surrounding communities. The facts don’t lie – there are some very unscrupulous contractors that provide some HVAC service and repairs in every state. But when a company is licensed and certified by the State of Arizona, are members of the State of Arizona Registrar of Contractors and is insured to provide all HVAC repairs, you’ll be hiring a company that is highly qualified.

Question #2 – Are there any hidden costs I need to Know About?

Most AC repair specialists operating in Scottsdale will be very transparent about all costs to complete repairs on your AC system. However, just like we mentioned above, there are some vultures out there that will take advantage of homeowners. In order to protect yourself from these ‘bad guys’, here are a few tips that you should consider to verify that the AC repair specialist operates under good business ethics:

  • Check with the Scottsdale BBB. The Better Business Bureau is a great source of information for Arizona homeowners to check about the business practices of any contractors.

  • Verify the AC contractor credentials. If a company tells you that they are licensed or certified with a particular group, verify this by contacting that agency.

  • Visit Angieslist.com. This website is a wonderful source of accurate and fair, consumer-based reviews. If a company is on Angie’s ‘Good List’, you can trust them.

Question #3 – Can I get a Quote in Writing: Please?

They say that saying ‘please’ always makes things easier. However, when it comes to protecting yourself, you shouldn’t have to ask nicely for a written price quote on repairs. Most AC contractors pride themselves on transparency and giving customers factual information about all repairs. This extends into providing them with a detailed written quote for any repair services even before they start the job. The goal of any good AC repair company should be to be as open and clear as possible with their customers so they can earn the trust of the customer.

Regardless of the type of AC repair in Scottsdale you need, make sure you ask any company you plan to hire these three simple questions. And make sure they provide you answers that will give you peace of mind and ensure they do the job right – the first time.

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[New Post] Expert Tips For Air Conditioning Repair In South Scottsdale published on scottsdaleair

air conditioning service south scottsdaleCalling the local air conditioning repair company in South Scottsdale might not be on top of your list of fun ways to spend a spring afternoon. In fact, many people consider the process of hiring an AC service provider just as fun as visiting the dentist. However, it doesn’t have to be a painful experience. In fact, there are a few things you can do to make this process easier and ensure that you hire the right company, dedicated to fixing your AC system right – the first time.

3 Important AC Repair Tips For South Scottsdale Home Owners

Tip #1 – Only Work with an Air Conditioning Company that Services South Scottsdale

This might sound ridiculous, but believe it or not, many residents of South Scottsdale will contact an HVAC provider that might ‘consider’ servicing their community – but does not place an emphasis on working in their area. There are several reasons why you should only work with an air conditioning repair company that specialized in your South Scottsdale community including:

  • They know your community well. Each sub-division has different ‘perks’ that make them unique. From the location of where the AC units are placed, to the power supply of each community, working with a company that knows South Scottsdale homes helps ensure you’re receiving top service.

  • The service company likely to arrive to appointments on time. Nothing is worse than having to cancel your personal events, work schedule, kid social activities due to waiting for your AC repair company to show up. But when you work with a local company that services the South Scottsdale community frequently, you’ll be surprised on how quickly the repairs will be completed – and that they’ll always arrive when scheduled.

  • A local HVAC company is easy to contact for future air conditioning repair jobs or routine service calls – if needed.

Tip #2 – Make Sure You Learn A Few Basics About Your Home AC System

This is a great tip for any home owner. The more you know about the air conditioning unit that you have inside your home, the better prepared you’ll be to answer questions that the AC repair company has about the problems you are experiencing. Here are a few basics you should know about your AC system:

  • Know what type of system you have. It will likely be a heat pump system, a central air unit, an all-in-one HVAC unit, a roof top AC system or a window AC system.

  • Understand the brand name and size of your system. You can easily find this out by looking on the side of your AC system. This will also help the technician diagnose a potential problem or bring appropriate replacement parts if needed.

  • Know the location of all AC components. Many air conditioning systems in Arizona have two primary components – an outside unit and the indoor ventilation system. Make sure you can easily tell the Air Conditioning Company where they are located – as it will also improve repair time.

Tip #3 – Don’t be Afraid to Ask Questions

Finally, the best way to feel comfortable about hiring an air conditioning repair company is to simply ask them questions about their service programs or the repair job itself. A good company will include friendly technicians that are dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. This means they’ll answer any questions you have – at any time.

There is no reason why contacting an air conditioning repair service in South Scottsdale should be a painful experience. Simply follow these three tips and you’ll be comfortable knowing that an outstanding company is getting your AC system operational just in time for the summer heat.

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[New Post] Tips For Selecting The Right Programmable Thermostats published on scottsdaleair

the right programable thermostat The latest rage in home heating and cooling for Scottsdale residents is installing new programmable thermostats. A common reality is that thermostats will, over a period of time, wear out. Whether it’s due to frequent use, or simple wear and tear that every electronic item undergoes, the fact is that at some point you’ll have to replace your home’s thermostat. But with so many on the market to choose from, how and where do you start to find one that is both functional and user friendly?

Three Tips For Selecting A Great Programmable Thermostat For Your Scottsdale Home

Tip #1 – Determine What Type Of HVAC System You Have

The first thing you need to determine before you start shopping for any programmable thermostat is what type of system it will power. For example – if you have separate heater and air conditioning units, you’ll need to find a thermostat that can function for two individual units. On the other hand, if your HVAC system is an all-in-one that both heats and cools, like a heat pump system for example, then you’ll need to buy a thermostat that works for those specific systems. You’ll be surprised to learn that not every thermostat is functional for every type of heating or cooling system – so start by determining what type of system you have. This will make your search for the right programmable thermostat much easier.

Tip #2 – Consider The Honeywell 8000

One of the best all-purpose thermostats on the market today is the Honeywell All-Vision Pro 8000 model, designed to work for both residential and commercial applications. This programmable thermostat is engineered to operate both functionally and also be extremely easy to use for most Arizona residents. Some of the unique features of the Honeywell 8000 programmable thermostat include:

  • The unit has a 7-day programmable program so you can set the temperature for your home for each specific day of the week

  • It is dual-powered system that can be hard-wired or battery powered. This is a great feature to have especially if you live in an area with frequent power outages.

  • System has Smart Scheduler – allowing even the novice home thermostat owner to program the system in seconds for virtually any lifestyle

  • The Honeywell 8000 controls humidification, ventilation and dehumidification

  • The thermostat can link with multiple heating and cooling systems

  • Extremely easy to use with a Plain Language set-up program; no manual needed for installation

Tip #3 – Always Consider Functionality Over Looks

The most important tip we can offer about choosing any programmable thermostat is to consider function and usability over fashion. There are many new, cool looking programmable thermostats on the market – some of them with unique Wi-Fi connectivity and programming features that allow you to access your homes heating from any remote location. But, if you don’t have a smart phone or simply don’t use that technology well – why buy it?

Any thermostat you purchase should be about one thing – and one thing only: heating or cooling your home efficiently. When it comes to buying any programmable thermostat, always defer to function over fashion. If you’re not comfortable installing and testing your new thermostat you’ll want to call a professional to help you instal your new thermostat and make sure it’s properly calibrated and working to your liking.


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