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air conditioning invented 1932It seems hard to believe that prior to The Great Depression our world never knew what air conditioning was. And as the summer temps continue to rise in Arizona, many of us simply can’t possibly fathom what it would be like to live in the desert without some sort of air conditioning system keeping us cool. Well, there are several things you might be surprised to know about air conditioning being invented in 1932 that might give you a newfound respect for the technology we all take advantage of daily.

The 1932 Invention Of Air Conditioning

First – Some Facts About The Invention Of Air Conditioning

Many historians argue that air conditioning was invented in 1932 based on the fact that American physicist Stewart W. Cramer started using this term during the 1932 calendar year. However, the facts show that Willis Carrier (of the Carrier Air Conditioning Company) actually invented the concept of air conditioning as far back as 1902. This eventually led to production of the first commercial line of AC units in 1914.

But, here is something perhaps you didn’t know.

The ‘concept’ of air-cooling goes back as far as the ancient Egyptians, where reeds were hung in windows and were moistened with trickling water. The evaporation of water-cooled the air blowing through the window made the air more humid, which was very cooling and beneficial in a dry, desert community.

Modern day AC units didn’t actually hit store shelves for residential use until after WWII due to economic constraints during the depression and the World War.

Second – What Else Happened In 1932?

It’s amazing what you find on the Internet these days – isn’t it? Here are a few ‘cool’ facts about other things that happened in 1932.

  • Did you know that the average cost of a new home in 1932 was less than $7,000.00? And the average household income was less than $1,650.00 per year? Gasoline would cost you a whopping $0.10 per gallon at the time, a loaf of bread was 7 pennies and a pound of hamburger meat cost the same as a gallon of gasoline.

  • Congress enacted The Emergency Relief and Construction Act on July 21st, 1932. This was our country’s first relief legislation and was very important in ending The Great Depression. This major legislation was a big part of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s ‘New Deal’ program; however history will always document that it was in fact President Herbert Hoover that enabled this program during his last term in office.

  • If you like music, you’ll go nuts to realize who was born in 1932. Some of the 32 babies included music icons, Little Richard, Country stars Johnny Cash, Patsy Cline, and Loretta Lynn, world famous DJ Casey Kasem and classical music icon John Williams who wrote the soundtracks and themes to iconic films including Star Wars, ET and Jaws, to name a few.

As you can see, the world has come a long way since air conditioning was invented in 1932. Today’s systems are Wi-Fi capable, can be remotely activated from virtually anywhere in the world and use space age materials to focus on energy efficiency. Regardless of what type of cooling system you have, you can thank a guy named Stewart Cramer for giving this life-saving device such a cool name.

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[New Post] When Your AC Unit Keeps Tripping The Breaker What Can Be Done published on scottsdaleair

ac unit keeps tripping breaker

Electrical systems inside any home can be very complex and problems tricky to diagnose. However, when your AC unit keeps tripping the breaker, this could be a sign of a major problem with either your AC system or your electrical system. One of the first things to remember is an electrical issue is nothing to put off.

Important Actions When Your AC System Keeps Tripping Your Circuit Breaker

First – Contact An HVAC Professional

Anytime your AC unit trips the circuit breaker you should immediately contact an HVAC contractor. The reason for this is simple:  your breaker shouldn’t trip when the AC unit is in use. A certified electrician can professionally wire a properly installed air conditioner. They would know that the AC unit should always be wired to an individual circuit that operates ONLY the AC system for your home. If you have two AC units, they will be wired individually. So, when you notice that the circuit breaker for your AC unit has tripped, don’t delay – contact the professionals immediately at least for a consultation on what they suggest.

Second – Start Documenting The Problems

If you’ve called the HVAC Company and they simply tell you to reset the system and everything seems fine for a while; that’s a great and easy solution. However, the odds are that this will occur again. If it does, it’s important for you to keep a detailed log of things that might have been occurring at the time the circuit tripped. Consider the following:

  • How many appliances in the home were running at the same time? Sometimes when a lot of large power-draining units are running at the same time it can overload the circuits.

  • Was somebody in the bathroom using an outlet at the time? The GFI circuits inside a bathroom will sometimes trip when they are used (especially when a blow dryer and hair curler are plugged in at the same time). If they are in use at the same time the air conditioner trips the circuit – write it down.

  • What time of day did this occur? And, if this has happened before, is it the same time of day?

Writing these items down will make it easier for an electrician or HVAC professional to diagnose the problem and fix it with as little expense and time consumed as possible.

Third – Don’t Attempt To Fix It Yourself

Under NO circumstances should you attempt to open up the circuit breaker board (the inside unit) or inside of the AC system if it’s causing the circuit breaker to trip frequently. The odds are that there is a short circuit wire that might be exposed. And if you come in contact with that wire you could be hurt. Remember – always leave electrical repairs to the experts.

Having your AC unit trip the circuit breaker frequently can really cause a lot of stress, along with raising the temperature inside your home. However, when your AC unit keeps tripping the breaker, don’t keep resetting and hope that everything will be fine – contact a licensed electrician or HVAC professional to visit your home as soon as possible.

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[New Post] Air Duct Inspection In Scottsdale AZ: Important Items Needed published on scottsdaleair

air duct inspection in Scottsdale

One of the best ways to improve the air quality inside your home and its energy efficiency is to have an air duct inspection in Scottsdale performed. The air ducts are the respiratory system of a home. Everything you breathe inside will filter through these ducts, circulating hot air and cool air inside the house all year long. And although they are manufactured professionally, over an extended period of time the air ducts can become dirty, loose and even filled with holes that allow precious cool or warm air to escape. This is why scheduling an air duct inspection can be crucial.

An Air Duct Inspection In Scottsdale Should Always Include These 3 Items

Item #1 – Have Blockages In The System Inspected

The first item in any air duct inspection in Scottsdale needs to be a visual inspection of any blockages in the system. This is occasionally caused by excessive debris or buildup of dust, trash or other materials that will restrict the airflow of the HVAC system. This eventually leads to more stress being placed on your cooling and heating equipment, which eventually leads to an increase in energy consumption. This can also lead to poor air quality as the dirty material trapped within the air duct system is being distributed every time the air circulates throughout your home.

Item #2 – Check For Leaks In The Air Duct System

When you have leaking air ducts it can cause several issues to occur, including:

  • Loss of cool air in summer or heated air during winter. This causes the HVAC system to operate very inefficiently. The direct result is that they system has to work harder to achieve the desired results. And when it works harder, it consumes more energy and can break down easier.

  • Introduce more debris into the system. Which as we stated above will lead to higher monthly bills and also impact clean air.

  • Leaky air ducts in Scottsdale will also introduce a new friend to your home – pests. Insects and rodents love to find their way into your home through small holes in the air duct system.

As you can see, even the smallest hole in the air duct system can lead to huge issues. So make sure anybody that inspects your air duct system in Scottsdale checks for leaks. If they find any leaks, make sure they can offer you an affordable solution to fix them.

Item #3 – Must check for Damaged Sections of the Duct Work

Unfortunately construction is never a perfect industry. From time to time, ductwork will be damaged during the construction phase – and never noticed until it’s too late. Broken sections of duct work will also impede the flow of air; especially when softer and often cheaper materials are used in the construction of your home. When an area is crushed it reduces the smooth flow of the air leading to increased monthly bills and inefficient HVAC control.

As you can clearly see, it’s very important to have these three areas inspected during any air duct inspection in Scottsdale. Always remember to contact a professional and licensed HVAC contractor that has vast experience in performing all types of work in Scottsdale.

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[New Post] Scottsdale Arizona AC Contractor | Hiring Someone Honest published on scottsdaleair

Scottsdale ac contractorHow To Know You’re Hiring An Honest Scottsdale AC Contractor

Contacting the air conditioning repair guy to get your AC unit back in tip-top shape is rather simple. But, how can you make sure that the Scottsdale AC contractor you’ve retained will provide you with honest, trustworthy and factual service? The sad truth is that there are many AC contractors out there that try and take advantage of home owners by nickel and diming them with hidden costs and unexpected bills that show up after a typical AC service.

Have Peace Of Mind When Hiring A Scottsdale AC Contractor With These 3 Tips

Tip #1 – Check out their Website & Social Media Pages

One of the best qualities any company can have is open and transparent communication. And without a doubt the best place to easily verify this important consumer attribute is online; such as their website and social media channels. There are several ways to examine their record and ways they communicate with their customers such as:

  • Does their website have a blog? When a company takes time to update their customers on new services, offer tips, advice and other helpful items, you can feel confident that they take pride in open communication and taking care of their customers.

  • Do they post direct links to user reviews? If a company is proud of their customer service record, they’ll actively show their potential customers. Usually when an AC contractor in Scottsdale is not too confident in their customer service, they’ll do exactly the opposite.

  • Do they have an active social media platform, like Facebook and Twitter pages? And if so, do they post spam or do they interact with their customers and potential customers online?

Tip #2 – Verify their Service Record with BBB

The Better Business Bureau has been a leading provider of factual reviews on a company’s business dealings within the communities they service. When a consumer has filed a complaint with the BBB about a Scottsdale AC contractor, the BBB spends plenty of time actively researching their claims to ensure they only post factual information about the company. If a company has a solid reputation with the BBB, you can be certain that they operate their business under positive ethics and will generally treat you very honestly. When a company has a bad reputation with the BBB, contact another AC contractor.

Tip #3 – Interview The AC Contractor Before You Hire

Finally, the best way to find peace of mind when working with any contractor is to interview them first. Nothing is better than meeting somebody personally to interact with them – especially when you are planning to pay them for a service. When you take the time to sit down and ask them questions that are relevant and important to you it becomes much easier to work with them.

Consider asking them a few questions including:

  1. Do you have a few references of previous recent customers I can contact?

  2. How long have you been licensed to complete AC repairs in Scottsdale?

  3. What insurance protection does your company carry?

By taking time to simply do a little bit of research about any Scottsdale AC contractor you intend on hiring, you can protect your home and family from unscrupulous vendors that provide poor quality work.

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[New Post] How Air Conditioning Maintenace In Scottsdale Saves You Money published on scottsdaleair

air conditioning maintenance scottsdaleWhen you spend money on a major purchase, you want to protect that investment – right? Whether it’s a new car or if you’ve spent a few thousand dollars installing a new air conditioning unit, it’s vital to protect your assets by staying on top of repairs and maintenance before it becomes an issue. It’s for this and other reasons that taking time to plan out maintenance and air conditioning maintenance in Scottsdale is vitally important. Not only financially, but also to ensure maximum comfort and indoor air quality for everybody that lives inside your home.

Biggest Setbacks Of Air Conditioning Break Down In Scottsdale 

#1 – Air Conditioning Repairs In Scottsdale Can Be Expensive

When your AC system breaks down, it can be due to several specific reasons. And none of these are often cheap and easy fixes. This is why it’s very important to keep your AC system running strong during the entire year. By proactively having routine maintenance and service performed you protect your AC system. In fact, there are several benefits to keeping your air conditioning systems protected:

  • Increase quality of life. When you have your AC serviced frequently, especially replacing your indoor air filters every month, you’ll be able to significantly improve the indoor air quality you breathe daily. This allows you to stay healthier longer and improve your overall quality of life.

  • Increase lifespan of the AC system. Keeping on top of all service and repairs early for any AC system also will extend the lifespan of your unit. As we are certain you understand, replacing AC systems can get rather pricy. So spend a little bit of time and money now to save a lot of time, stress and money in the future.

#2 – Air Conditioning Repairs In Scottsdale Interrupts Your Personal Schedule

This is often the 800-pound gorilla that nobody likes to discuss, but it’s so true. When you have to schedule air conditioning repair when it’s broken down, it wastes a lot of personal time that can be spent doing fun activities around Scottsdale. And, it can also impact your ability to put food on the table. Unless you work from home or have somebody staying at home all the time, scheduling an AC repair most often leads to having to miss time from work or school. This can directly impact your ability to provide for your family and household. It might seem extreme, but by being proactive about air conditioning service and maintenance in Scottsdale, you’re able to set these services on your timetable leaving more free time for you to enjoy.

#3 – Air Conditioning Repair In Scottsdale Can Impact Your Health

When your AC is not working, especially during mid-summer in Scottsdale where the average temperature at 8pm is above 100 degrees, it can and often does impact your health. Studies have been completed that indicate when a home is not properly cooled in summer, heat stroke, breathing conditions, allergies and other common medical conditions tend to accelerate. For this reason alone, staying proactive in regards to AC maintenance Scottsdale is a smart decision.

It’s easy to see how important trying to avoid air conditioning maintenance in Scottsdale can be for any homeowner. The best way to avoid costly and time consuming repair jobs is to stay on top of all routine maintenance and service programs, all designed to keep your system running strong when you need it most.

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