Tuesday, November 24, 2015

3 Questions to Ask During a Heat Pump Repair in Scottsdale

heat pump repair in scottsdaleHeat pumps are growing in popularity among Arizona homeowners. These incredibly energy efficient systems depend on Mother Nature’s consistent temperature of the earth below to maintain a comfortable indoor temperature. However, from time to time even the most amazing indoor comfort systems will need to be repaired. When a homeowner needs to have a heat pump repair in Scottsdale  completed, it’s important that they understand what questions they should be asking of the heat pump service technician.

Here are three important questions that you should ask the heat pump repair company in Scottsdale before they show up, while they are completing the repair and after the service has been completed.

First – Explain to Them How Long the Issue has Been Happening

When your heat pump has broken down or is not running as well as it should, the first thing you should discuss with the repair technician is describing the problem. Typically a professional HVAC contractor in Scottsdale will ask you several questions about your type of unit, the issues that have been occurring and most importantly – how long this problem has plagued the homeowner. During this first phone call, it’s a good idea to provide as much information and details as possible. This will streamline the repair process and the time needed to complete the repairs. It can also reduce the cost of the repair when the service company has all of the details.

Second – Ask Them About the Severity of the Issue

When the heat pump service technician arrives to inspect your unit, it’s important for any homeowner to understand what is going wrong with their system and how severe this problem is. The only way that a HVAC technician can diagnose a problem is for them to be on site and fully examine the entire unit. Once they have, they’ll typically outline what is wrong, what needs to be fixed and an approximate cost for the repairs. Feel free to ask them about what may have caused the issue, so you can activate a maintenance plan to avoid this type of repair in the future.

Third – Ask Them About the Amount of Labor for the Repair

Talking about money and the cost for repairs can be difficult for many people. However, when you work with a professional heat pump repair specialist, they’ll make this process simple by outlining every cost, expense and give you a detailed estimate for the repairs. One of the most difficult areas to predict however is the cost of labor – as repairs can take longer than expected. A professional contractor will be very transparent about this – and give you a solid estimate for the cost of labor per hour. Make sure you are completely comfortable with the quote and ensure it’s documented correctly before you approve any repairs.


Our professional heat pump repair specialists at Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling can provide valuable and easy to understand repair and maintenance guidance. Contact us by email or call 480.359.7141 today!

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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

4 Benefits of a Guardian Air REME Scottsdale Installation

guardian air reme scottsdale installationFinding affordable ways to improve indoor air quality is a focus for residential homeowners in Scottsdale. The facts don’t lie – indoor air quality can lead to allergy attacks, COPD flair-ups and even spreading of common colds, flu and other airborne illnesses. However, recent studies have confirmed that by taking proactive measures to improve the indoor air quality by use of a professional air purification system, the chances of having respiratory illness or attacks reduces dramatically.

Here are five of the best reasons why a Guardian Air REME Scottsdale installation is a great investment – not only for indoor air quality but to enhance your right to breathe.

First – The Guardian is a Whole House Air Purification System

People spend time in virtually every room inside their homes. So why would a homeowner purposely install an air purification system that only covers a single living room? The Guardian Air REME is designed to be an entire house air purification system that is installed into the HVAC system directly. This means that whether you are using the heater or the air condition system, the air you breathe is being scrubbed and cleaned – removing up to 99 percent of the harmful bacteria, allergens, yeast, viruses and other contaminants we breathe daily.

Second – The Guardian Air REME System Uses Zero Chemicals

Unlike some other air improvement systems, the Guardian is not designed to simply make the air smell good by introducing chemicals into the air you breathe. Instead, this system utilizes a system that integrates water, light and an oxygen powered Phi Cell (which is short for Photohydroionization) to create a natural occurring hydroperoxide. Essentially, these tiny air purification molecules float through the air we breathe inside the house and kill surface odors, airborne particles, VOCs and chemicals we breathe daily. The result is a much cleaner and pure indoor air quality .

Third – It Keeps Your Home Clean

One of the drawbacks of some indoor air improvement devices is that they simply remove the chemicals, or bacteria that are embedded in the air we breathe daily. However, the Guardian Air REME system does not simply mask these particles – it eliminates them entirely. The result is that there is no residue left on countertops, reducing the level of dust and other particles left on items inside the house. Plus, independent lab testing shows that this device also reduces microbials that are found on food surfaces. This means that your chances of catching E.coli, Strep, Avian Flu or Norwalk virus is reduced by up to 99 percent.

Fourth – A Guardian Air REME Installation in Scottsdale is Easy

Like most other professional HVAC systems, the folks at Guardian Air are very particular about who is authorized to install their systems. It’s a statement of fact that these systems are highly complex and that only authorized and specially trained HVAC professionals can install a Guardian Air REME air purification system. By contacting a local dealer and authorized Scottsdale Guardian installation company first; you can get all the insight and information you need about other benefits, cost saving tips and maintenance and service suggestions from the professionals who work with these systems daily.

Taking time to invest in your health is simple when you focus on your right to breathe. Take time to learn more about the Guardian Air REME air purification system. Your lungs and those of all of those that spend time inside your home will thank you for this effort.


Have questions about indoor air quality at your home or office and need a trustworthy, established company? Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling has been serving the valley for over 45 years! Call 480.359.7141 today! 

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Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Why is My Furnace Blowing Cold Air Instead of Heat?

furnace-blowing-cold-air-instead-of-heatThere is nothing as relaxing as walking into a perfectly heated home when it’s bitter cold outside in the winter. But when your furnace is blowing cold air instead of heat – this can cause multiple problems. Heating system issues rank on a level playing field with visits to the IRS, or the dentist as items that cause Scottsdale residents tremendous stress. If this has or is currently happening to you, it’s important to know why a furnace blowing cold air instead of heat happens, so you can understand if there are simple things you can do to fix it – or make the phone call to your furnace repair specialist.

Here are some facts to consider.

First – What Causes It?

Typically, most furnace issues are caused by minor issues that can be quickly remedied by homeowners. The top three reasons why a furnace might be blowing cold air instead of warm are include:

  • The Thermostat is set to ‘ON’: ask any professional heating repair man what the first item they check when they are on a heating repair call and most of them will reply ‘the thermostat’. Whether it’s turned off, out of calibration or simply set in the ‘on’ position, this can cause the furnace to blow cold air instead of warm. The solution here is to turn the thermostat to the ‘Auto’ position and make sure it’s set to “heat”.

  • The furnace is overheated: sometimes even a furnace can get too hot. If your furnace is blowing hot air, then it starts to blow cool air the issue is most likely an overheating situation. The primary cause for a furnace overheating is that it is blocked with dirty filters. Although replacing air filters is rather simple, when this occurs, the best solution is to shut off your furnace and contact the heating repair company.

  • The pilot light is out: the final main reason why a furnace stops heating is that the pilot light has extinguished. If it is, there is a proper procedure to follow. First, try to relight the pilot light. If the flame stays lit – the problem might be solved. If it does not, the issue is most likely a gas leak, which can lead to an emergency HVAC call. Don’t delay – contact the heating company as soon as possible especially if you smell gas.

Second – How to Fix It?

If you’ve checked the above three common issues and still are baffled as to why your furnace is blowing cool air; the next step is to contact the furnace repair company. These minor issues above can be easily fixed by homeowners, but when the furnace is blowing cool air frequently – it can be a warning sign as to a potential major issue.

Third – Always Activate Preventative Maintenance to Avoid Issues

Just like any other mechanical system, activating a regular heating maintenance program and having your furnace inspected once per year is a great way to avoid stress-causing situations. Most of the time a professional HVAC service company in Scottsdale has the right equipment, tools, and time to set up an appointment and make sure your furnace is ready to go – before the cold weather hits. Be proactive about your furnace repair this season and set up an appointment to have your unit tuned up today.


Our heating technicians at Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling can provide valuable and easy to understand repair and maintenance guidance. Contact us or call 480.359.7141 today!

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Tuesday, November 3, 2015

When Should I Get My Scottsdale Trane Furnace Inspected?

scotttsdale trane furnaceIt’s often assumed that the loneliest major appliance inside a home in Arizona is the furnace. However, the reality is that it can get down-right chilly during the winter months. This is why making sure your Scottsdale Trane furnace is properly maintained and serviced before the cold air arrives is critical – not only to ensure the system works when you need it, but to save you tons of money in unexpected repairs and improve the indoor air quality of your home.

Here are a few tips from the Scottsdale Trane furnace maintenance experts that will help you see the benefits of scheduling a furnace tune-up sooner rather than later. 

First – When Should People get their Unit Ready for Winter?

According to the US Department of Energy, the best time to have a furnace tuned-up and inspected is actually before the cold weather arrives. Many consumer groups like Angieslist.com agree that contacting a heating repair company in Scottsdale during off-peak months; like September through October are great times to have the heating system inspected. There are several reasons for this:

  • Supply and Demand: when the heating companies are waiting for people to contact the for those emergency heating system repairs in late November and December, they have ample time to provide proactive maintenance on your furnace in Scottsdale in September and October. If you wait till November, finding a good HVAC contractor can be difficult.

  • More time to find problems and fix them without stress: when you have your furnace tuned up in October, it gives the heating repair company more time to find high quality replacement parts if an issue is apparent. Rushing to get the heating unit fixed only costs the customer more money with rush shipment of hard to find parts. Save money by being proactive about the heating service.

  • A great opportunity to inspect the entire HVAC system: one of the leading causes of furnace and heating system inefficiency are leaks that are found in the ductwork. During routine furnace inspections, many heating and air conditioning service companies will inspect the ductwork, but might not have time to offer solutions to fix these problems.

Second – What Would be Included in the Inspection?

A typical furnace inspection will include many individual service checks that are designed to examine not just the furnace – but the entire HVAC system to ensure optimal performance when you need it most. During a full service inspection, the heating repair company in Scottsdale will typically conduct an inspection that includes many major components of the furnace including:

  • Calibration of the Thermostat: during the year dust and dirt can get clogged inside your thermostat causing it to fall out of calibration. If this system is bumped, hit or just due to old age – they can also have calibration issues. A professional HVAC technician will inspect the thermostat along with the furnace to ensure they all work together well.

  • Check all mechanical parts: A furnace is comprised of several mechanical parts that all work together to keep you warm. During professional home heating tune-ups, the contractor will examine all of these moving parts, make sure they are properly tightened, lubricated and that there is no damage to the parts. If damage is found, they will notify you immediately before making repairs.

  • Safety Inspection: After checking all of the moving parts, the next step is to examine the entire furnace system for any leaks or other issues that can cause safety concerns. Many home owners experience devastating fires caused by furnaces that have been improperly maintained. By taking time to inspect the system annually, before it’s operated in the winter – this problem can be drastically reduced.

Whether you have a Trane furnace system or any other heating unit, the time is right now to contact your local Scottsdale heating repair and service company to have your heating system inspected, repaired or serviced. Be proactive about your heating maintenance and you’ll reap the benefits.


Is it time for your Trane furnace to get inspected with winter just around the corner? Call Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling to get your furnace inspected, repaired or services. Call 480-359-7141 today! 

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