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Cash In On Off-Season Air Conditioning Installation in Scottsdale

air conditioning installation in scottsdaleRaise your hand if you LOVE spending money on emergency major appliance replacement. If you’re like most hard-working people in the Scottsdale and Phoenix metro area, it’s likely that there are no hands up in the air. With energy costs rising and temperatures increasing sooner than we’d like, finding a dependable and affordable air conditioning installation contractor in Scottsdale can be somewhat of a conundrum. Have you ever considered the benefits to making a purchase of a new air conditioning system in Scottsdale during the winter months? By taking advantage of the slower winter season in Scottsdale, you’ll likely find a much better deal when you finalize your purchase and installation of your new AC unit.

There are a few simple things that any home or commercial building owner can do to weed out the contenders from the pretenders in the HVAC industry when you’re looking for the most dependable air conditioning installation company in Scottsdale.

Tips For Finding A Great Heating And Air Conditioning Installation In Scottsdale

Tip #1 – Check Reliable Review Websites

Contrary to popular belief, everything you read on the internet is not always true. In fact, quite often, reviews about HVAC companies or products are written by people with an agenda – to either enhance their image or to put them down. This is why the best source of factual information online are independent third party review websites – including Angieslist.com.

Angieslist.com is an independent review website that offers consumers factual reviews and information about contractors that do business in their area. If you’re looking for a dependable contractor that offers heating and cooling in Scottsdale, Angieslist.com will get you that valuable data – without having it influenced by the company or any other paid endorsements. Another tip is that if you visit their website and notice that they are an Angieslist.com Super Service Award winner – that’s another great sign that they are dependable and affordable.

Tip #2 – Look for HVAC Installation In Scottsdale Offered By A Scottsdale Company

It’s often hard to find a good contractor that can service your area if they don’t know your area. This is especially important when you work for heating and air conditioning installation in Scottsdale. Local contractors will understand the area you live; but they also comprehend local ordinances, laws, regulations, power grids, and other specific and unique traits that exist in your neighborhood. It’s also important to hire locally as a local contractor that provides HVAC installation in Scottsdale will also be able to assist you with an ongoing maintenance program to ensure you get the most out of your new air conditioning unit.

Tip #3 – Talk To Local Home Or Business Owners In Your Neighborhood

Many people make their decisions based on the power of suggestion. And without question, one of the best resources of factual information about heating and cooling contractors is people you know that have worked with them specifically. This is why one of the best tips we can suggest when looking to hire a company that offers heating and air conditioning installation in Scottsdale is to speak with fellow business owners or home owners in your area about testimonials regarding who they work with for HVAC service.

Doing this will allow you to gain some valuable information including:

  • Are the contractors licensed to complete air conditioning installation in Scottsdale?

  • How reliable was the contractor that your source worked with?

  • Did the HVAC contractor stand by their work – or offer any warranties?

  • Was the HVAC contractor friendly, easy to work with and on time?

By gaining this valuable information from people you trust and know, you’ll be able to weed out pretenders from actual and reliable contenders that will offer you exceptional service. When you take time to do a little research on your own, and reach out to people you trust, finding a great company that offers Scottsdale air conditioning installation is rather stress-free.


Do you live in the Scottsdale or Phoenix metro area and know it’s time to get rid of the old and bring in a new more efficient, reliable air conditioning and unit then give the team at Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling a call: 480-359-7141. The Valley’s trusted HVAC company since 1947!

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Aero Sealing Contractors In Scottsdale Want To Save You Money

certified aero seal duct cleaning company scottsdale azWhen you read most Aero Sealing reviews on Scottsdale websites you’ll find a lot of information about why it’s important for home and business owners to complete. However, what’s not commonly discussed is; what are the cost savings for having aero sealing contractors in Scottsdale complete this type of service? Well, just like any other service designed to increase efficiency, there are several ways in which this process saves money each month. Here are some of the best ways to save money with aero sealing in Scottsdale.

Important Facts about Aero Sealing

AEROSEAL products and their advanced, air-tight technology have been proven to save home and commercial building owners tons of money on utility bills each month. Not only does this process ensure that no air escapes your ductwork, but it also reduces the amount of dirt, dust and debris that often leaks into your air duct system – causing blockage and reduced indoor air quality. As such, here are a few of the ways that a quality aero sealing system – like AEROSEAL can help you save money.

Scottsdale Air Duct Sealing Test Results


#1: Air Duct Sealing Will Save Money On Monthly Energy Bills

When you have the air ducts inside your home or office professionally sealed it allows your HVAC system (both heating and cooling) to operate much more efficiently. And when a mechanical system runs smooth – it uses less power.

#2: Air Duct Sealing Increases Indoor Comfort

The use of aero sealing technology in Scottsdale will also improve the overall comfort inside your home. Having this service performed will help you save money by not having to frequently adjust your thermostat or frequently turn up or down your HVAC system. When your HVAC unit is fine-tuned and warm and cold air doesn’t escape through the ductwork, the entire system runs easier.

#3: Aero Sealing Cost Is Minimal Compared To The Cost of Having Poor Air Quality

Did you know that over 24 million people in the United States have Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease? COPD is an umbrella term that includes chronic bronchitis, emphysema and other respiratory diseases. However, the cost of living with any respiratory medical condition is often increased when you have poor indoor air quality.

According to research completed by the US Department of Energy, nearly 3 out of 5 homes in the Southwestern United States have ‘poor indoor air quality’. The majority of these homes could easily improve their indoor air quality through having air duct sealing completed. Sealed air ducts also increase the flow rate and ability of air to be circulated through ventilation filters designed to keep the air you breathe crisp and clean. This allows you to live a higher quality of life and reduce your chances of developing breathing related illnesses – which in the end; cost you money.

The aero sealing system that saves people tons of money across the board is AEROSEAL. For years, this patented process has proven to improve indoor air quality, reduce energy costs and extend the life of most HVAC systems. Take some time to learn more about AEROSEAL and how aero sealing contractors in Scottsdale can save you money. Not only will it help reduce your monthly expenses – but it could also help you live a higher quality life.

Have questions about Aeroseal air duct sealing? Call 480.359.7141 today! Let Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling help you improve the indoor air quality at your home or office and save you money! 


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Breathe Easier: Improve Indoor Air Quality At Home

Improve Indoor Air QualityPoor indoor air quality is rapidly becoming a health epidemic in America. In fact, the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta, GA recently released findings that nearly 65% of all American households have poor indoor air quality. This shocking statistic, along with the rising costs in medical care, increases of COPD diagnosis and other respiratory illness is causing several Arizona home owners to look for affordable ways to improve indoor air quality.

4 Simple Ways To Improve Indoor Air Quality At Home

First: Replace your Filters Every Month

Here is a question for you – can you put a price on wellness? The simple truth is that the cost of replacing indoor air filters every month and reducing the chances of respiratory illness by up to 75% each month is miniscule. In fact, most home owners in Scottsdale have between 4-6 indoor air filters. And since most disposable filters cost between five to six dollars each, simply making the small investment to replace these filters can significantly improve your indoor air quality.

Second: Clean your Vents Each Week

Another easy and cost-effective way that Scottsdale residents can take a proactive step to improving indoor air quality at home is by cleaning their vents each week. Most poor indoor air quality is spread when cold or warm air is circulated back into the home. And since the vents are where the air returns to the house, and these vents collect tons of dirt, debris and dust that contributes to poor indoor air quality – taking time to simply clean these vents weekly can vastly improve indoor air quality.

The best way to clean vents is to use a Swiffer sweeper or a microfiber towel to remove the dust. This will significantly reduce the amount of dust that circulates back into the air.

Third: Buy a Few House Plants

House plants are a great way to improve your indoor air quality since they consume CO2 and release O2. Carbon Monoxide is a very poisonous gas, and believe it or not, thousands of people are killed each year due to CO2 poisoning. This is why improving indoor air quality with plants is rising – especially in dry weather states like Arizona where windows are not frequently opened during the year. Buying and strategically placing a few good house plants will help collect poor air quality and help you breathe easier. Plus, they are always nice to look at daily. Check out 10 house plants that help purify the air now.

Fourth: Improving Air Quality with Asthma

If you have chronic asthma, you understand the fear that comes with dirty air. Whether it’s looking outside and seeing a ‘burn’ or the fear you have about having an attack; there is nothing ‘funny’ about living with this respiratory disease. There are several great organizations and groups, like The Right2Breathe™ Campaign that provide several tips for home owners with asthma for improving their indoor air quality. In fact, there are several indoor air quality units that you can install that can vastly reduce the chances of Asthma flair-ups and attacks.

Fifth: Check Your Air Duct Work For Leaks

One of the best ways to improve the indoor air quality of your home and also its energy efficiency is to have an air duct inspection performed. Air ducts are essentially the respiratory system of your home. Everything you breathe inside will filter through these ducts, circulating hot air and cool air inside the house all year long. Although they are manufactured professionally, over an extended period of time the air ducts can become dirty, loose and even filled with holes. These holes will allow precious cool or warm air to escape, and it will also pull the dirty air from your attic into your ventilation system that can have harmful effects . This is why scheduling an air duct inspection can be crucial.

The process of improving indoor air quality in Scottsdale is 90% inspiration and 10% perspiration. Simply taking the time to replace indoor filters, keep your vents clean and exploring creative ways of reducing the spread of harmful dust and debris are easy ways to improve the air you breathe. If you need any assistance in finding ways to improve indoor air quality inside your home – contact your local HVAC contractor in Scottsdale today.


Have questions about indoor air quality at your home or office and need a trustworthy, established company? Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling has been serving the valley for over 45 years! Call 480.359.7141 today! 


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[New Post] Troubleshooting Common Furnace Problems in Scottsdale Homes published on scottsdaleair

 Furnace Problems in ScottsdaleIt’s a common fact that sometimes even the best mechanical equipment breaks down. However, contrary to popular opinion, some of the best solutions to fixing these issues are the easiest to diagnose. The key to saving money is learning how to troubleshoot common furnace problems in Scottsdale so you don’t have to stress about calling the heating company for every little issue. Since most common furnace issues are caused by simple things – here are a few troubleshooting tips that can help you self-diagnose and repair common furnace issues in Scottsdale homes.

Check #1 – Does The Furnace Have Power?

The first thing that any home owner should check when they experience a problem with their furnace is power supply. Believe it or not, most furnace repair service in Scottsdale can be avoided simply by answering this relatively easy question – does the furnace have power? To check this you’ll want to examine a few systems that impact the furnaces ability to operate including:

  • Check the power switch. Believe it or not, sometimes furnace switches will be turned off by accident or tripped due to an electrical short. So the first thing you want to check is the actual power switch on the furnace.

  • Check the breaker box. The next item down the power supply line is the breaker box. Your breaker will indicate which individual circuit operates your furnace. Check to see if that circuit is ‘tripped’ – and if so, simply reset and see if that solves your problem.

  • If you try both of these and your furnace still doesn’t have power, contact your local furnace repair service in Scottsdale as soon as possible.

Check #2 – Check The Furnace Pilot Light

Most gas powered furnaces have a pilot light that is a small, blue flame that touches the tip of the thermocouple. It’s very common – especially in Scottsdale that a pilot light will simply be ‘blown out’. If you look inside your furnace and see a small flame burning, this is OK. However, if the pilot light is lit but the main burners are not on – this could be a major problem. Always contact your dependable heating company in Scottsdale to fix this issue.

Check #3 – Feel For Heat On The Side Of The Furnace

One way to reduce furnace repair cost in Scottsdale is to complete a self-inspection of common issues that can be simply fixed by resetting the furnace. And a great test that you can complete is to feel the side of the furnace to see if it’s giving off any heat. If you place your hands near the furnace and you feel heating coming off the actual unit, then the problem is with circulation of the heat. Having this important knowledge and expressing it to the Trane furnace repair company in Scottsdale will help them diagnose the potential problem before they arrive. And if they have this information before your appointment, the furnace repair or replace process will be much quicker – and affordable.

It’s clearly obvious that the more you can do yourself to examine and troubleshoot common furnace problems in Scottsdale, the better off you’ll be; financially. However, if you don’t feel comfortable working on or examining your furnace system – by all means; don’t. Contact your trustworthy heating repair company in Scottsdale and let the professionals complete your furnace repairs correctly – the first time.


Having problems with the furnace at your home or office and need a trustworthy, established company? Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling has been serving the valley for over 45 years! Call 480.359.7141 today! 


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[New Post] Do Heat Repair Companies in Scottsdale Arizona Offer Deals? published on scottsdaleair

heat repair companies in scottsdaleOne of the most popular questions asked of Scottsdale home and commercial building owners is if heating repair companies in Scottsdale offer specials or discounts on their services. However, what is not often asked is whether or not there are ways to save money on most heating services in Scottsdale. Believe it or not – there are many money saving tips that are available; and several ways that heating repair contractors in Scottsdale help you save money on routine service, installation and even repairs on a daily basis. Here are a few of the best ways you can find deals that heating repair companies in Scottsdale offer their commercial and residential customers.

First – Visit their Website

The website of heater repair service companies in Scottsdale is an incredible source of information for consumers; you simply need to know where to look to find the information. When it comes to ways to save money on home or commercial heating service, the best resource online will be their heating service pages. In this section most home heater repair companies in Scottsdale will break down the precise services they offer – and offer personalized options for every customer they work with daily. The honest truth is that no heating system is identical – and every heating repair is equally unique. Another great source online to find specials that home heater service companies offer in Scottsdale is to see if they have a ‘rebates & specials‘ section on their website. Traditionally this will include savings for new product sales and installation, but from time to time you’ll also find links or promotional codes for heating service as well.

Second – Follow the Company on Social Media

When you establish a great relationship with a gas heater repair company in Scottsdale – it’s always a good idea to learn more about them and the products and services they offer. One way that the best heater repair companies in Scottsdale communicate with their customers is through social media interaction. Traditionally, social media accounts like Facebook or Twitter are established to share information about a company and receive feedback directly from consumers. However, smart HVAC companies will also post specials and rebates on heating repairs they provide through their social media channels.

Third – Contact the Heater Repair Contractors in Scottsdale Directly

There is something to be said about picking up the telephone and having a conversation these days. But you’ll be surprised on how much money you can save on home heater repair in Scottsdale simply by getting exactly what you need. And the best way to gain knowledge and ensure that you are not being overcharged for services you simply don’t need is to speak with the company directly. Usually the best heating repair companies in Scottsdale will have honest, easy to communicate with sales reps standing by to personalize your heating service needs – based on your system, budget and your busy schedule. Money can be tight these days, and with energy costs rising and additional cost of living increasing, it’s important for all home and business owners to find the best deals possible. When you need to have the best price on heating services provided by reliable heat repair companies in Scottsdale, follow these three tips and you’ll discover some of the best ways to save money.

 Do you live in the Scottsdale area? Call Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling at 480.359.7141 today for great deals or visit our deals and rebates page directly.

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