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[New Post] Need A Fast AC Fix? 3 Important Tips To Be Efficient published on scottsdaleair

Fast AC FixSo you’ve just arrived home in the middle of July and walk into a sauna. What do you do? If this has ever happened to you, you understand that trying to plan a quick AC fix is harder than you’d think. From taking time to try and find the problem, to calling a contractor and waiting for them to arrive, it can literally take days before your AC system is back in operational shape. However, what would you say if I told you there are three easy tips that would help you get your AC fixed in Arizona quicker than ever before?

3 Steps To Help Prepare For Unexpected AC Repairs

Tip #1 – Be Proactive: Find A Good HVAC Contractor Today!

The most time consuming part of finding a qualified contractor to complete any repairs in your home or office is the time actually spent looking for a qualified contractor in the first place. Wouldn’t it be awesome if you were proactive and had a plan in place where you could simply pick up the phone and call a dependable HVAC contractor to show up ASAP?

Here are a few ways to accomplish this quick fix.

  • Do Some Research About HVAC Systems

The first thing you should know about your HVAC system is exactly what type, brand and model of HVAC system is keeping your home cool. Having access to this information can significantly improve the repair time. Here is what you should do to accomplish this.

a) Find out what brand and model of cooling system and heating unit you have inside your home.

b) Find out what type of thermostat you have, make, model, and color – every detail possible.

c) Write it down in an emergency action folder that you can easily access in time of crisis.

  • Find A Qualified Contractor That Services Your Particular AC System

The next step here is to search online for contractors that complete AC service on your specific type of unit. A simple Google search can help you here. Take time before the repair is needed to call them and ask about their service and repair programs available. If you like them, put their contact information inside your emergency book.

Tip #2 – Find out where the AC System is located

The second tip to expedite your AC repairs is to know the location of your system. If you have a split system, know where your main unit is installed, and where your internal fan system is located. It’s also a good idea to know the location of utility emergency shut off (gas, electrical and water if applicable) in case of emergency.

Tip #3 – Keep your HVAC contractor on Speed Dial

When it’s above 100 degrees outside and your AC decides to break down, scrambling to find the phone number for the HVAC repair guy won’t help provide a quick AC fix or reduce your stress level. It’s always great to be organized, which is why we recommend a centrally located emergency phone number and plan notebook to be located and easy to access when things break down. Keeping your AC repair specialist on your cell phone contact list can go a long way to making sure your air conditioning system gets back online as quick as possible.

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

[New Post] Your AC May Be Leaking Water Due To A Cracked Condensate Pan published on scottsdaleair

AC leaking waterOne of the most annoying and stressful things to discover is finding a leak in any major appliance. The reason it is annoying is two-fold:

a)   It is often hard to find where the leak is coming from

b)   It often results in a service call to a contractor to find and attempt to fix the leak

However, did you know that frequently when you notice that your AC is leaking water, the cause is actually due to a condensate pan that is cracked and can be easily replaced by a professional HVAC contractor?

Raise your hand if your next question is “What is a condensate pan”? Fortunately we have some answers that will teach you a little about this important safety device and how simple it can be for a professional HVAC repair expert to replace.

Commonly Asked Questions About Condensate Pans

Question #1 – What is the Condensate Pan and where is it located?

The condensate pan is located on the air conditioning unit below the evaporative coil. Its job is to catch the condensation that drips off the outside of this coil as warm, moist air passes over the coil. Air conditioners work by cooling the warm air from inside your home by circulating the air over coils that are filled with refrigerant. This in turn causes the air to cool, and moisture to condense on the outside of the coils. This is also how your typical air conditioner dehumidifies a home.

Question #2 – What causes a Condensate Pan to break or crack?

The condensate pan is simply a place to collect this moisture. It often has a hose or attachment that circulates collected water to a drainage system. However, from time to time this pan can crack either due to extreme cold temperatures or wear and tear. When properly installed a condensate pan can last for years, but you can’t control the outer elements. This is why sometimes the pan will crack especially if you have a sudden freeze during the year. If there is any standing water inside and the water freezes, it can cause the pan to crack.

When this occurs, the normal flow of condensation leaks out of the cracked pan leading to commonly diagnosed and easily fixed leak.

Question #3 – What Can You Do to Fix this Issue?

If you discover any leak near an electrically charged major appliance, waiting or repair it yourself is not a good idea. The best thing you can do is follow a three step process:

  • First – shut off the power to that outside unit

  • Call a dependable HVAC contractor immediately

  • Have them inspect the system for any further damage or have them repair the cracked pan

Under no circumstances should you attempt to fix this yourself. Always defer to safety and have a professional take the actions of getting this fixed. When you contact a HVAC professional to fix your AC system that is leaking water, it tends to result in a positive outcome for everybody.

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Tuesday, June 10, 2014

[New Post] Tips For Finding Affordable AC Repair in Fountain Hills published on scottsdaleair

AC Repair Fountain HillsThere is nothing worse than walking into your home in the dead of summer only to discover your AC system is not working right. When this happens, the first move you often make is to the phone book to call your local HVAC repair company. Who are we kidding – nobody uses the phone book anymore, do they? It’s now estimated that over 80% of homeowners look for contractors online these days and are using phone books as doorstops. Since this is becoming the norm, here are a few tips for finding a good AC repair company in Fountain Hills online.

3 Tips For Finding A Dependable AC Repair Company

Tip #1 – Search with Google First

It’s always best to start at the top of any list. And when it comes to finding a solid and dependable AC repair company in Fountain Hills, Google is among the best places to start. Search engines like Google will rank website pages based on keywords that consumers type into their search engines based on two primary elements:

1)   The proper use of the keywords in written content on a particular website page with a focus on quality as opposed to the density of the keyword within the content.

2)   The amount of times that website page has been viewed by others.

The fact remains that companies ranked higher on Google when you search online for AC repair in Fountain Hills place an emphasis on online marketing – and this is a good thing when it comes to hiring a dependable AC contractor.

When a company understands that online marketing provides the best VALUE in reaching potential customers it shows that the business is proactively producing quality with everything they touch. This includes the routine services they provide their customers.

Tip #2 – Check Out Angieslist.com and BBB.org

Once you’ve found a good company on Google that provides dependable AC repairs in your hometown, the next step is to make sure they are reliable and dependable. Checking out independent consumer review websites like Angieslist.com and the Better Business Bureau can often complete this. These sites are dedicated to protecting consumers against shady contractors and rewarding good businesses by showcasing their positive service records for people to see. When a company has a positive review on BBB.org or on Angieslist.com, you can depend on them to provide you with affordable and value-driven AC repairs.

Tip #3 – Ask your Friends and Close Family Members

Word of mouth advertising is not dead. In fact many businesses, such as Costco, rely on this to grow their companies. If huge corporations like Costco Wholesale feel confident in this marketing philosophy, so can you. This is why it’s a great idea to get feedback and recommendations from friends and close family members that live in the area. As with all recommendations, use them as a starting point and do your own research to determine what company you should work with in the future.

As you can see, finding a good AC repair company in Fountain Hills is very simple when you follow these easy three tips. And, just like hiring any contractor, make sure that once you find one, take the time to meet with them to discuss details and verify all credentials, licenses and insurance requirements before signing on the dotted line.

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[New Post] How Often Do Home Air Filters Need To Be Changed in Scottsdale? published on scottsdaleair

home air filtersOne of the leading causes of common colds, allergies and other illnesses is poor indoor air quality. And in the dusty and windy desert it’s not surprising how common these medical conditions pop up. Recent research by the Department of Energy, however, indicated that by simply changing your indoor home air filters once every month can reduce the onset of most allergic attacks and common colds by 70 percent.

Reasons for Changing Indoor Air Filters

When Should I Change out Indoor Air Filters?

In Arizona, or any other State in the Southwestern US, it is recommended to replace your indoor home air filters on a monthly basis. This is due to the increased dust and dirt that circulates and finds its way into the homes, ductwork and rafters of many Arizona homes. One thing to remember is that the filters work both ways, by circulating the dirty air from inside your home into the HVAC system, but also distributing cool or warmer air into the house through the ductwork. And since the ductwork is often dirty, this means dirty air in – dirty air out.

The best way to reduce this problem is to keep these filters replaced every month. Doing so will help improve your indoor air quality significantly.

What other reasons Should I Replace Home Air Filters?

There are several other benefits besides increasing indoor air quality and reducing the onset of colds, allergies and other breathing conditions such as COPD. Here are just a few:

1)   Replacing indoor air filters will save money on monthly utilities. Every HVAC system works virtually the same basic way: it brings air into a unit, cools or heats that air, and circulates that air back into the home. However, one of the biggest drains of energy is when that air is blocked or obstructed by dirty and clogged air filters. It is estimated by the US Department of Energy that by replacing your filters on a monthly basis, you can save as much as 25 percent on your monthly energy bills.

2)   Replacing indoor air filters also extends life of any HVAC system. Another common problem that HVAC systems have is they tend to become clogged up with dirt, debris and other particles that embed themselves onto mechanical moving parts inside a unit. Again, by improving the quality of air that is circulated into these systems by replacing indoor air filters frequently, you improve the system’s ability to ‘breathe’. And when a mechanical device can ‘breathe’ easy, the results are always positive.

3)   Replacing indoor air filters frequently can also help your indoor electronics. Nobody likes removing dust from furniture, but many of us never consider that all this dust also collects inside our electrical devices. Again, by replacing home air filters every month, you’ll also reduce the amount of dust that gets trapped in your major electrical units like TV’s, computers and other electronic devices. This will extend the life of these systems and, again, potentially save you money in the long run.

Keeping your home as clean as possible, improving your indoor air quality and having your Scottsdale AC run smoothly is simple when you take time to replace your home air filters on a monthly basis.

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