Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Spring Cleaning Tips: Must-Do’s at Your Scottsdale Home

Spring Cleaning TipsAs winter comes to a close, many people living in the Valley of the Sun are anxious for spring to arrive for one simple reason – they get to plan spring cleaning maintenance in Scottsdale. Although the concept of it might be as fun as having teeth pulled or filing taxes each year, the truth is that spring cleaning is vitally important; not only for your home, but also your health.

As such, here are a few important spring cleaning tips for Scottsdale residents to ensure your house and your health are in tip-top shape for the upcoming spring and summer months.

Spring Time Preppers

Have your HVAC System Inspected and Cleaned

Dirty air filters in your air ducts and in your Scottsdale home will circulate dust, debris and contaminants into the air you breathe; which causes your furniture and your entire house to have another layer of dust added to it. However, the worst thing about dirty air being circulated in spring is that it will impact your health.

This is why the first thing you should do – prior to dusting, sweeping or vacuuming your home in spring time is to ensure your air filtration system is cleaned and ready to go with clean air filters. This will also reduce your energy bill as your Air Conditioning and Heating units will function smoother and more efficiently.

Plan Your Spring Planting

Another important part of spring cleaning is the excitement which comes with gardening in Scottsdale. And one of the best things you can do to prepare your garden for spring and summer is to create a good schedule for planting your flowers, bulbs, vegetables and other important garden elements. One of the best methods of doing this is by revisiting what you did last spring including:

  • What did you plant? If you want to create the same ‘look’ in your garden, make sure you take the steps to ensure the plants, flowers and other gardening materials can be purchased this year. Sometimes certain bulbs and annuals are sold in different years, so make sure to plan your garden.

  • When did you plant? Another important step is planning when to plant your garden. Although nobody can predict the weather or if a frost will come, it is important to learn from previous years. If you are planting your first garden in a new home, check with your neighbors or with local gardening stores to see when they recommend planting.

Get your Pool in Shape

If you’ve got a swimming pool, preparing it for summer usage is smart to begin in spring time. This includes making sure your chemicals are properly up to date, that your pool filtration system is cleaned and inspected and that your pool maintains a good PH balance – before the weather gets warm.

When you are planning your spring time activities in Scottsdale, be proactive and follow these spring cleaning tips;  air conditioner service along with the pool maintenance and gardening you’ll be better prepared to enjoy the comforts of summer living in Arizona sooner than you’d think.

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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

3 Household Plants That Help Reduce Indoor Air Pollution in Scottsdale AZ

indoor air pollution scottsdale

Courtesy of southernliving.com

A growing concern across the globe is the rise of respiratory-related illness and disease. Whether it’s COPD, Asthma, Allergies, Cystic Fibrosis or Influenza, the reality is that at some point in everybody’s life we’ll all deal with troubles breathing. And based on recent research completed by the CDC in Atlanta the primary trigger factor to most respiratory medical conditions is poor indoor air quality. And since we spend most of our lives indoors – either sleeping or inside our homes, finding affordable – yet natural ways to reduce indoor air pollution is no longer a luxury – it’s required for overall lifestyle management.

Here are three common houseplants that Mother Nature has provided us that can significantly improve the air you breathe daily.

#1: The English Ivy – AKA Hedera Helix

The English Ivy or Hedera Helix is one of the most popular and common indoor plants in the United States. It’s a climbing vine-type plant that thrives in smaller space or closed off locations. It also tends to do very well in rooms that have very few windows or direct sunlight. This makes them a great option for Scottsdale homes, as our houses tend to have fewer windows to allow hot sun to enter our house.

How does it help indoor air pollution?

Just like any other plant, its primary food source is carbon-dioxide. However, this dense houseplant is also excellent at absorbing formaldehyde – which is the most popular and intense indoor pollutant that is given off by wood floorboards and synthetic dyes inside many carpets. This indoor odor is often un recognizable but still can cause significant damage to our lungs with prolonged exposure.

#2: The Peace Lily – AKA Spathiphyllum

If you’re looking for an indoor plant that can reduce indoor air pollution sources along with providing a sweet aroma – the Peace Lily or Spathiphyllum might be right for you. This flower is also another indoor house plant (flower) that adapts very well in low light environments, which makes it a great option for Scottsdale homes in the summer season when we close our window shades frequently. The negative is that it does require weekly watering and is not very pet friendly. In fact, it can be very poisonous to pets – so placement on higher shelves is a smart idea.

How it helps to Reduce indoor air pollution in Scottsdale: The Peace Lily is a year round plant that removes carcinogens that are found in varnish, paint, furniture waxes and polish. However, did you know that acetone – which is emitted by electronic devices, many adhesives and cleaning products are also absorbed by this plant.

#3: The Lady Palm – AKA Rhapis Excelsa

We see palm trees all the time in the Scottsdale area, but did you know that The Lady Palm or Rhapis Excelsa is a great source of improving indoor air quality? One of the best indoor air pollution solutions is to buy a few Lady Palms and place them strategically around your home. These are very easy to maintain – and the beautiful palm leaves add some spice to your home.

How does it help reduce indoor air pollution?

Like other Palm Trees, the Lady Palm is a target of ammonia – which is the primary ingredient in household cleaners, many textiles and dyes that make those cabinets look so clean. Ammonia is also one of the harshest chemicals on the planet for your lungs as it clogs up the brachia inside your lungs and can lead to allergy attacks, COPD flare ups and asthma issues.

Living in Scottsdale is tons of fun – and we often spend lots of our time outdoors. However, the reality is that we all have indoor air pollution  to deal with. So why not look into buying a few of these common houseplants to improve your lifestyle. After all – everybody has the Right to Breathe.

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Scottsdale Air Conditioning Repair Tips from the Expert

Scottsdale Air Conditioning RepairContrary to popular belief, your AC system doesn’t know the difference between summer and winter. It’s a mechanical device, and unlike ‘Johnny 5′ from Short Circuit your heating or cooling system isn’t ‘alive’. However, it does require routine service and maintenance in order to ‘breathe’ and to keep you cool during the summer heatwave. This is why taking time during the cold season to have Scottsdale air conditioning repair completed is the quickest and cost effective way to prepare your cooling season for a heavy workout from April till October.

Here are a few reasons why you should get on the fast track by scheduling your heating and cooling repair in Scottsdale during ‘off-peak’ seasons.

Reason #1 – Price of Service Tends to be lower in Off-Peak Seasons

The heating and air conditioning repair industry is just like any other service-based vocation – there are times during the year when business is slow. This is known as ‘off-peak’ season and for people that need to have routine service completed on their heating or cooling system in Scottsdale, this ‘time period’ is a perfect opportunity to have your service completed.

For air conditioning service in Scottsdale, the ‘off-season’ falls traditionally from November till February. Many home owners and commercial building owners have service contracts with HVAC companies in Scottsdale to have their cooling systems inspected right after or before the hot season. This means that the HVAC  Company tends to be busier in October, March and April completing these routine check-ups. However, from November till February, the cooling guys are traditionally sitting around the office playing cards – with not much to do. As such, there tends to be better ‘deals’ on AC service during these months.

Plus, off-peak season is also a great time to get your cooling system fixed because the contractor can take their time – not rushing the repairs. This allows your system to be fixed correctly the first time and ensures that when you flip the switch in April or May – it’ll work strong.

Reason #2 – Heating Service is perfect during summer

Just as cooling repair is best to have completed in winter, the reverse is true for a heating unit. As a matter of fact, many companies that deliver heating and air conditioning repair in Scottsdale offer special packages that allow you to schedule all routine service and HVAC repair in Scottsdale  for your complete system. Since most heating and cooling systems use the same components – like fans, ductwork and vents to circulate air inside your home, it actually makes sense to have both units tuned-up at the same time.

However, if you have separate heating and cooling units  – it’s a good idea to defer having your service or easy repairs completed during the summer time. If you have major issues that need to be fixed, it’s always suggested to have them fixed ASAP – as it can lead to significant damage or complete system replacement.

When you’re in that uncomfortable situation of having to plan and pay for routine service including Scottsdale air conditioning repair – always contact your local HVAC service provider and ask them about specials or the best timing to complete this service. You’ll be surprised how much money you can save if you simply ask questions.

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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Most Efficient Air Conditioning Duct Repair in Scottsdale

Air Conditioning Duct Repair ScottsdaleThe ductwork of a home are the veins of the house – circulating cool and warm air from inside your home, to the HVAC system and back into your home. And when your ductwork is clogged, dirty, leaking, broken or damaged in any way, the direct result is a home heating or cooling system that is simply losing life. This is why several home owners look into air conditioning duct repair in Scottsdale as an affordable and proactive method to increase efficiency, reduce indoor air pollution and also save money monthly on utility bills.

There are a few very good ways of having your air ducts repaired in Arizona, but one by far is extremely efficient, affordable and has a proven track record – AeroSeal. Here are a few reasons why AeroSeal services are regarded as the most efficient air conditioning duct repair services available in Scottsdale and across the globe.

The AeroSeal Process

If you’ve ever had a flat tire, you know that there are several ways it can be repaired. However, how often does the local tire shop examine the cause or source of the flat and offer a solution to reduce the chances of experiencing future failures? Well, the folks at AeroSeal activate this type of program when you have a local AeroSeal contractor complete your air conditioning duct repair services in Scottsdale. Their process is rather simple – and they don’t have a problem advertising it as they really have revolutionized and streamlined the ductwork industry:

  • aero-seal-duct-sealingDiagnose and Inspect. The first step that AeroSeal offers customers is that they diagnose and inspect your ductwork completely – before trying to fix anything. This method allows them to reduce air conditioning duct repair cost as they can gather a big-picture point of view on the root cause of the problem.

  • Seal and Verify. After they’ve inspected and found the problems (and source of the problems), they activate their patented duct sealing process. However, when many ductwork companies will seal your ductwork and call it a day, AeroSeal goes the extra mile to verify that the work has been effective.

  • Saves you Money. Once the job has been complete, you’ll quickly notice the difference – especially in your monthly energy bills. It’s estimated that $0.30 cents of every US Dollar that is spent on monthly energy bills escapes from your ductwork when it has a leak. The AeroSeal process solves this issue – which virtually eliminates air conditioning duct replacement costs in Scottsdale.

When you have an authorized AeroSeal contractor in Scottsdale fix your ducts – you’ll instantly see improvement in the overall comfort and efficiency of your home heating and cooling system. Typically they can fix your leaking ducts and reduce the stress that often comes with exploring replacement options; like finding the right air conditioning duct sizing charts, suppliers and installation companies. Save time, money and stress – and contact your local AeroSeal distributor today to complete all air conditioning duct repair in Scottsdale and surrounding communities.

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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Scottsdale Heating & Air Conditioning Installation Checklist

Air Conditioning Installation ChecklistIt’s very common during the winter and spring months for Scottsdale home and commercial building owners to replace their heating or air conditioning system. Traditionally this is due to great deals and affordable financing options that Scottsdale heating and air conditioning contractors offer customers this time of year. However, whether you’re in the market for a new cooling or heating system – or no matter what season it might be, there is a checklist of must do items that should be followed to a “T”.

Here are a few specific items that you should include in your Scottsdale heating and air conditioning installation process that are guaranteed to save you time, money and reduce stress.

Item #1 – Determine The Right Type Of Heating & Air Conditioning System For Your Application

There are several types of heating or cooling systems that home or commercial building owners can choose from; each with their own benefits and attributes. But, the first step is to determine what type of system is best suited for your specific home or office. There are several ways you can complete this step such as:

  • Have a load calculation completed. This process will begin by contacting a dependable heating and air conditioning installation company in Scottsdale. Once you speak with them about your situation, they will come to your home or office building and complete this extensive analysis that will factor in several individual elements to determine the right size, type and brand of heating or cooling system that is best for you.

  • Speak with other home or building owners. If you have a neighbor or friend in business that has a similar building as you – and they’ve recently had a new heating or cooling system installed, you can find out what type of system they have.

These two steps will help you narrow down your choices and options; so you can then fine-tune your selection. The direct result is less time browsing – more time finding the perfect replacement system.

Item #2 – Pick 3 Heating & Air Conditioning Brands And Compare

The next step in this process is to pick three dependable brand names that home owners and business owners in Scottsdale have keeping their buildings comfortable – and compare different options and features. For the most part, heating and air conditioning prices are determined by three consumer traits including:

  • Brand Name Recognition

  • Energy Efficiency Ratings

  • Add-on’s and Comfort Options

However, when you narrow the search for a replacement heating or AC unit to three reliable brand names, you eliminate one of those choices. This will allow you to compare three brands energy efficiency or SEER ratings and their consumer options – or unique add-on’s that make home living more comfortable. You can work with a good AC or Heating contractor in Scottsdale on finding units that are a perfect match for your style, home design and your budget.

Item #3 – Buy Your Heating And Air Conditioning Unit And Set Up The Installation

Believe it or not, when you complete the first two steps right – this next step is a snap. If you’ve been working with a great HVAC contractor in Scottsdale that has taken the time to complete a load calculation, narrow down the search for a replacement heating or air conditioning unit and helped you pick a unique system – why not have them install the unit? This same professional company can also complete heating and air conditioning repair in Scottsdale as well in most cases.

Installation is the most important part of the entire process; but a company that follows a pattern of doing things correctly from the start – will also take the same approach to installing your new system correctly. Keep these tips in mind anytime and apply them anytime you are shopping for Scottsdale heating and air conditioning and you’ll save a ton of time and get the best bang for your buck.

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