Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Does a Haboob Dust Storm Affect My Air Conditioning?

haboob dust storm affect my air conditioningTis the season for the dreaded haboob dust storms for those of us that live in the Scottsdale area. Along with the frustration that comes with having to sweep up all that dust and dirt around the home, also comes the common fact homeowners often ask; can a haboob dust storm affect my air conditioning system in a negative way? There are a few reasons why this happens and a few items you can do to reduce the chances of having AC issues after or during haboob season.

First – Why Does My Air Conditioner Run Slower After a Haboob?

This is best answered in a quick explanation on how an AC unit works. Any cooling unit is essentially a circulating system that needs to breathe efficiently in order to run correctly. When dust, dirt or anything else blocks the AC unit natural ability to breathe – it simply can’t function properly. The Phoenix summer storms tend to cause copious amounts dust, dirt (and sometimes mud) to embed itself on the outer filters of the AC unit. Simply put, this blocks the units ability to breathe. It can also block the condenser coils and lead to frozen pipes or water building up – that can eventually cost a pretty penny to repair.

Solution: The solution to this problem is to turn off your AC system during a haboob storm. Once the storm has passed, take a few moments to clear off any dirt or debris that has surrounded or embedded itself onto your cooling unit – then turn it back on.

Second – Are Dirty AC Unit Coils the Only Negative Affect On My Unit?

The quick answer here is a simple – no. Although the haboob dust storm is the quickest way to cause dirty AC unit coils; the fact is that it’s not the only component affected. A haboob can cause more dust and dirt to enter the home – which will eventually find itself trapped inside your indoor filters. Dirty filters can cause tons of problems for AC units as well during the summer.

Solution: Make sure to replace your indoor filters every month, but especially right after a haboob.

Third – How Can I Keep My Air Conditioning Unit Unaffected During a Haboob?

Many homeowners in Arizona are considering the addition of AC covers or shelters as a proactive and preventative measure to reduce the onset of dirt and debris clogging up their units. This is a very good way to protect your AC unit from intense summer heat as well – which can extend equipment life significantly. These actions can reduce the possibility of needing an air conditioning repair in Scottsdale AZ.

The best advice we can give to protect your AC system during a haboob is to simply shut it down for the time period – and take the time to clean it up after so that the dirt and grime deposited on the system doesn’t become trapped inside your cooling system.


Are you looking to have your AC serviced after a Phoenix haboob? Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling has been helping Arizona residents maintain a comfortable indoor environment since 1947! Call 480-359-7141 today for all of your A/C and Heating needs!  

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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Tips For A Successful Lennox AC Repair In Ahwatukee

Lennox AC Repair In AhwatukeeAnytime you deal with an authorized dealer of any major mechanical system to complete repairs – you’re making a smart choice. Whether it’s taking your Lexus to a dealership or Lexus specialist mechanic or calling the Maytag man to fix your washing machine, the facts confirm that authorized dealers are always the best bet to call in case of a problem. Such is the case when looking for Lennox AC repair in Ahwatukee.

There are several reasons why Lennox dealers in Ahwatukee should be the first call if you’re having any issues with your cooling system that is built by Lennox.

First – Lennox Dealers in Ahwatukee are Experience with these systems

Contrary to what you might have been told – not all AC systems are built identically. In fact, there tend to be huge differences in the parts, materials, engineering and design of each brand of cooling system that is manufactured today. This is why it simply makes sense to have a Lennox product dealer come and repair your Lennox cooling system. In order to be an authorized Lennox dealer in Arizona, the contractor must complete extensive training and frequent education courses to learn how these systems completely work.

Second – Typically the warranty is protected when you work with Lennox Dealers

Another important reason to work with an authorized Lennox dealer in Ahwatukee is due to the fact that many extended warranties are covered only when an authorized dealer services and repairs the units. As we stated above, each cooling system is unique. And it’s due to this fact that working with a general HVAC contractor to complete service calls and repairs on your Lennox system might not be the best option. You’ll want to check with your Lennox representative to determine if this is applicable with your individual unit – but be safe – and work with a Lennox service tech just to be certain.

Third – Lennox Dealers have Replacement Parts in Stock

If you contact your local HVAC Company and they sell and service Lennox A/C units, it’s quite possible that they are fully equipped to handle any service. Lennox distributors and dealers in Arizona are always prepared to service any type or model Lennox cooling system that is made and available to customers in Ahwatukee. You can feel confident that your Lennox expert will have the required parts available to quickly get your system back up and functional without significant delays.

Anytime you work with an authorized distributor of any major appliance – peace of mind is always achieved. So if you have a Lennox air conditioning unit and you’re looking to have Lennox AC repair in Ahwatukee completed contact the Lennox dealers at Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling directly at 480-359-7141.

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Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Lennox vs Carrier AC Units: Which Is Better?

lennox vs carrier ac unitsOne of the most difficult decisions a home owner can make is choosing between two, equally qualified brands as a replacement major appliance. And when it comes down to buying new air conditioning units, the biggest battle is often choosing between Lennox vs Carrier AC Units. The question that many home owners ask us is – which one is better?

The answer to this question is rather simple – the best unit is the one best suited for your individual needs. Let’s break down the qualities of each brand so you can determine whether a Lennox or Carrier AC unit is best suited for your individual needs.

Selection & Value – Lennox vs. Carrier

When you look deeply into both cooling systems, the truth is they offer great selections. Carrier is known for their Infinity® series while the Dave Lennox Signature® Collection is the trademark of the Lennox Brand. Both brands offer heat pumps, and central air conditioning systems that are very common in Scottsdale homes. Both systems have similar SEER ratings in each category. However, where Lennox gets a slight nod for customer selection is in their value series made for smaller home and townhomes.

Their SEER energy efficiency ratings are slightly better in the entry level products of Lennox®. However, if you own a single-family home, both units offer customers a good value.

Technology – Lennox vs. Carrier

On the surface both brands seem to be equal in regards to the technology integrated into their top of the line and mid-range cooling systems. However, the recent addition of the Lennox Ultra Comfort System™ is what vaults this brand ahead of Carrier.

The Ultra Comfort System is a revolutionary new central air conditioner that is designed to efficiently keep your home at a precise temperature around the clock. The end result is similar to a heat pump, in that the system is designed to keep the home at a precise temperature. However, the precision controls of the Ultra Comfort System allow that static temperature setting to be fine-tuned.

In regards to technology, Lennox gets the nod.

Year Round Solutions – Lennox vs. Carrier

Many home owners in Arizona have all purpose HVAC units that include both heating and cooling systems. In this area, both manufacturers are pretty equal. However, the important thing to consider is that keeping these units serviced is the biggest way to ensure energy efficient operation of both systems. Lennox authorized dealers are specially trained by Lennox to offer superior service and maintenance on all Lennox units.

When you break it down in simple terms, the debate about Lennox vs Carrier AC units is a slight advantage to Lennox – based on their new Ultra Comfort Series. They both are outstanding brands to consider. The key is to work with a Lennox authorized dealer on the sale, install, and servicing of your new cooling unit. Contact your local Lennox authorized dealer in Scottsdale to ask them which system is best for your individual application.

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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

What Should a Professional Scottsdale AC Service Include?

Scottsdale AC ServiceOne of the most important home repair services that a Scottsdale home should complete annually is air conditioning service or maintenance. However, most intelligent home owners often question what specifically the professional Scottsdale AC service company will be completing during this maintenance call – and why it’s so important in the first place. Well – here are some facts about the individual services that are included in most Scottsdale air conditioning maintenance or service calls that are completed on an annual basis.

Fact #1 – All Filters Will Be Replaced by Scottsdale Air Conditioning Companies

The HVAC system that keeps your home cool in the summertime is basically a mechanical system that needs to breathe easy in order to function properly. The primary element that helps these units operate efficiently is the indoor and outdoor filters that keep the inside of your cooling system as clean as possible. Indoor filters are often found inside the home – either in the ceiling or inside vents that are visible. This is the first line of defense for air conditioning systems and the filters that become dirty very quickly.

It’s recommended that every home owner replaces their indoor filters once per month – as these filters also help to keep your heating systems clean as well. However, this will always be a part of any professional service call – as the Scottsdale AC repair company will want to make sure your system is set up for efficiency during those hot summer months.

Facts #2 – All Lubricants Will Be Topped Off

It’s also important for the lubricants of your cooling system to be topped off or changed during a routine maintenance call. As we indicated above, your cooling unit is simply a mechanical device that requires proper lubrication in order to run smooth and efficiently. However, what’s not commonly known is that many lubricants inside HVAC units can become dirty or lose some lubricity over a period of time. This is why professional HVAC contractors ill always inspect, replace or top off lubricants that are designed to keep your HVAC’s moving parts running cool.

Fact #3 – Belts and Hoses Will Be Inspected, Tightened or Replaced

A fact of life is that belts and hoses on all mechanical systems eventually will fail. This is why several professional HVAC Service Companies in Scottsdale will take time to inspect and replace any worn out belts or hoses – before they break down in the 100 degree summer heat. Belts and hose fittings also tend to become loose over a period of time, which is why the Scottsdale AC service professional will adjust them for tightness and proper application during their service call.

There are several other small steps that are completed during a routine Scottsdale AC repair service appointment. It is advised to always keep these facts in mind when looking to get your AC unit serviced.


Learn more about the services  for your individual cooling system. Set up an appointment now with the HVAC pros at Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling. Call 480-359-7141 now!

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