Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Why is a Condensate Drain Line Cleaning Important?

condensate drain line cleaningOut of all the useful duties that your air conditioner performs, the one that is most overlooked is how it removes excess moisture from the air. However, every drop of moisture that your air conditioner removed has to go somewhere, and this is the purpose of the condensation line in your air conditioner. It is important, however, to not take your condensate line for granted and periodically clean it. Read on to learn the importance of condensate drain line cleaning and how regular maintenance can help improve your system’s efficiency and save you money long term.

What is a Condensate Line for Exactly?

Through its normal functioning, your air conditioner will produce a good bit of moisture. To prevent damage to your system, and your home, a condensate line works to pull excess water from your air conditioning system and direct it outside of your house. Cleaning a condensate line works to keep the line clear so that your air conditioner can keep functioning properly, cooling your home and managing the humidity levels of the inside. However, when your condensate line goes without routine cleaning and maintenance, it can lead to serious problems with your system and may even cause serious damage to your home.

Avoid Messy and Damaging Water Leaks

One of the biggest problems of a clogged condensate line has to do with water build-up. If dirt and debris block your condensate line, it cannot properly release water from your air conditioner. A blocked line results in backed-up water, and eventually, it will cause water leaking from the AC unit. Backed up condensate lines are one of the major causes of water leaking from your air conditioner and into your home, which can cause serious damage if left unchecked. Periodically cleaning your condensate line will ensure that your system remains free from excess moisture and keeps running well into the future.

Keep Your Air Conditioning Unit Running Efficiently

Because summer is upon us, the primary concern of any homeowner is having an efficient AC unit. When your air conditioner is running well, your home stays cool and you can enjoy the hottest months of the year in comfort. Properly maintaining your condensate line is key in the maintenance of your air conditioner’s efficiency. The easier the line can remove moisture from your AC system, the easier it is for your system to run, reducing overall strain and increasing your unit’s efficiency. Make condensation line cleaning a part of your summer maintenance program and keep your AC running smoothly throughout the hottest of seasons.

Condensate Drain Line Cleaning with Help from an AC Expert

When the temperature rises this summer, you want to make sure your air conditioner will run whenever you need it. A large part of a reliable air conditioner is having a functioning condensate line. If you are looking at a new HVAC install in Tempe, then it is important to ask your Tempe Arizona air conditioner installation technicians about how to properly clean your condensate line to keep your system running smoothly. AC experts will give you all the advice you need to make sure your home stays cool when the temperature outside rises.


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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Best Home Air Conditioning System for Your Tempe House

best home air conditioning systemIt is dead in the middle of summer, which means the temperatures in Tempe are rising, and anyone without a way to cool down is looking for the best AC units for summer. Fortunately, there are a good number of air conditioner choices for Tempe homeowners to cool their homes this summer. However, before you make your ultimate choice, it is important to gather all the facts to pick the right AC unit for your family. Keep reading to find out the best home air conditioning system for your home and how you can get it installed by a trusted local technician.

Save on Energy Costs with a Lennox

To find the best air conditioner for your home this summer, performance is not the only consideration you should keep in mind. Although you want your air conditioner to be able to keep your home cool, you also want it to perform as efficiently as possible. For homeowners who value energy efficiency as much as performance, there is no better brand than Lennox. Lennox air conditioners are specially designed to be both high performance and extremely efficient, giving you the best of both worlds. Not only will you beat the heat with a Lennox air conditioner, but you will also save money.

Choose a Trane and Get a Long History of Service

When you are looking for a top quality air conditioner to cool off your Tempe home during the dog days of summer, nothing beats the kind of performance and reliability that you will get out of a Trane. Possessing a history of service dating back more than a century, Trane air conditioners are one of the most respected names in the game for a reason. Not only do they perform reliably year after year and summer after summer, but Trane AC units also come with a rock solid warranty, giving you the kind of security you need when making such an important investment. To keep your Tempe home comfortably cool all summer long, almost nothing can beat a Trane.

Install a Rheem for Simply Reliable Performance

Many homeowners looking at a Tempe home AC install value simplicity more than anything else. All they want is an air conditioner that works when you need it without all the bells and whistles that come with some brands. Rheem air conditioners are the right choice for anyone looking for a simple air conditioner that just works. From classic models built around performance to more advanced options that offer unbeatable efficiency, choosing any Rheem air conditioner means cooling your home reliably throughout the summer—nothing more, nothing less.

Consult an Air Conditioning Install Expert

No matter what air conditioner brand you choose to cool your Tempe this summer, you need reliable Tempe AZ air conditioner installation technicians to install your unit for you. Because air conditioner installations are a lot more complicated than many homeowners anticipate, having a reliable technician on your side means getting your air conditioner installed the right way, the first time. Don’t spend this summer in Tempe desperately trying to beat the heat. Partner with a Tempe air conditioning expert and keep you and your family cool and comfortable long after the thermometer has started to inch upward.


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Tuesday, July 5, 2016

3 Key Air Conditioning Duct Installation Questions to Ask

air conditioning duct installationTempe Arizona offers a great place to live year-round, as most long-term residents would agree, but the hot, dry summer months of the Arizona dessert can pose a challenge to those who like to stay cool. With temperatures rising into the low 100’s, a well-functioning, long-lasting air conditioning system is a must.

When it comes to air conditioning duct installation, it is always in your best interest to keep maintenance in mind, to keep this system running like new. The problem that most of us have is that we do not think about maintaining air until it is too late. We flip on our air conditioners, assuming that everything will work fine every time.

Air Conditioning Duct Installation

There a few things you can do to maintain your cooling systems but in many cases you need an expert technician to do the work for you. For example, the problem does not always exist in the air conditioner itself, there are other parts involved, such as air ducts, water pumps, etc.

Not only can an expert technician help you with keeping your air conditioner in good repair, but they can also give you some pointers on how to maintain it properly yourself. Some of the most common problems that restrict air flow in the air ducts include (but aren’t limited to) leaky duct connections, leaks in the furnace and filter slots, kinks in the air ducts and air supply leaks.

Some of the above problems are easy to identify. For instance, if you see a leak in the water system or notice damage to the walls or floors due to water leakage, then you have a problem. On the other hand, other problems may occur in the air duct system that isn’t very noticeable. For example, your air duct system might be losing air. The latter problems are not so easy to detect, and it may be time to call an expert to have a new system installed.

Questions for the Technician

When the technician arrives at your home, here are three key questions to ask him or her:

  • What size air ducts do I need?

  • How will you seal the ducts to prevent air loss?

  • What ways can the airflow be tested?

Your technician can calculate the exact size of air ducts needed for your home. They use an equation to determine the best size for your specific house. The equation determines how much air flows through the ducts at a certain speed.

To keep your system from leaking valuable cool air, technicians will recommend an air-tight sealing system to keep your air conditioner running efficiently. Some companies swear by certain methods of sealing ducts, which is why it is important to ask your professional how they plan to do so.

If your existing system is losing air, there may be defects in the HVAC ductwork. Tempe AZ air conditioner install technicians can identify and repair any defects or gaps to ensure 100 percent effectiveness in your system. However, it may be suggested that a new system is needed entirely if the problem is bad enough.

In order to test the airflow of your system, the AC technician will block the register openings with foam pads. They will then pressurize your system with a calibrated fan to determine where the leaks are, if any. From there, you technician can further improve your ductwork system.


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