Tuesday, May 27, 2014

[New Post] Learn What A Split System Air Conditioner Can Really Do published on scottsdaleair

trane air conditionersA growing trend among Arizona homeowners is the installation of split system air conditioning inside their homes. Like a heat pump system, the introduction of this new technology is providing homeowners with several benefits that go much further than keeping your home cool in summertime.

3 Commonly Asked Questions About Split System Air Conditioners And Their Benefits

Question #1 – What is a Split System AC Unit?

A split system air conditioning unit is exactly as it’s named – split into two different sections: the outdoor unit and an indoor unit. Traditionally the outside portion is installed near a wall or outside a particular room that you want to cool. This outdoor system houses the AC compressor, condenser coils and the expansion coils, while the indoor system includes fans to circulate air and to keep your home cool.

Question #2 – How does a Split System differ from traditional AC Units?

The biggest difference between a split system and a traditional AC unit is that it does not require a lot of ductwork. Instead, the split system uses several electrical wires and tubing to circulate air throughout your home. Not only is this a more affordable solution but also it’s better for the environment. Ductwork tends to cause older AC units to operate very inefficiently due to the fact that ductwork will leak over a period of time. By removing this element from the indoor air-cooling equation, you are able to save considerable energy and increase efficiency.

Question #3 – What are the Benefits of a Split Air Conditioning System

The new split system AC units provide Arizona homeowners with several benefits including:

  • They are much quieter systems. The parts that make the most noise with air conditioning systems include the compressor and fans that will cool the condenser are located outside the home. This removes the majority of noise and allows an higher comfort level.

  • They offer homeowners customizable options to increase comfort and maximize efficiency. Another benefit of these systems is that they can be tailor-made to cool individual rooms or larger rooms as needed. This increases efficiency and can save money on utilities as well.

Split system air conditioning units offer homeowners with more options to keep their homes cool during the extreme summer heat. One minor hurdle is the initial cost of these units. However, they have been shown to save a tremendous amount of money in monthly energy bills and tend to last longer than traditional systems.

Since most homeowners are looking for value these days, a split air conditioning system is one that not only keeps your home comfortable, but will also save money each month the unit is in operation. This allows you to spend a little bit of money now, to save a lot of money down the road. And in today’s economic climate, this aspect is one that truly pays off in the long term.

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Tuesday, May 20, 2014

[New Post] Air Conditioner Sales SkyRocket In The Summer Months published on scottsdaleair

air conditioner salesWhen the summer heat arrives, many homeowners quickly discover that their older AC unit has waited for just the right moment to break down. And when it’s over 100 degrees outside, finding an affordable air conditioner to replace your older one can be difficult. Because AC systems tend to break down early into the summer season we’ve seen a boom on air conditioner sales between the months of May into July.

Reasons For This Trend And Actions You Can Take To Avoid Them

Why Do AC Sales Increase in the Summer?

Traditionally, air conditioning units break down as soon as they are activated for the summer season. There are reasons for this:

  • Lack of routine maintenance. When an AC system is properly maintained it can operate smoothly for a very long time. Before and after the summer season, a professional HVAC contractor will take the time to make sure that the unit is properly maintained. They fill up all fluid levels, tighten up belts and hoses, replace filters and inspect mechanical parts for common wear and tear. By simply scheduling an annual ‘tune-up’ in spring you can avoid the trouble of having to pay for a replacement AC unit during peak season.

  • Increased Use = Increase Potential for Damage. Another reason why air conditioner sales often peak in summer is due to the extreme temperatures we have in Scottsdale. When it’s above 100 degrees on a normal basis, it takes a lot of effort to cool a home to a comfortable temperature. This often results in AC systems being overloaded and can cause complete system shutdown.

What Can I Do to Save Money on AC Replacement in Scottsdale?

One of the biggest consequences of increased air conditioner sales in summertime is that costs to install these systems can also increase during peak season. This is simply due to supply and demand. But, there are a few things you can do to save time, money and avoid the hassle of trying to find somebody to install a new system during summer.

1)   Schedule routine maintenance every spring. This is a sure fire way to not only keep your AC system running longer and stronger, but also will save you money on monthly energy costs. During a service visit, you’re HVAC contractors will replace filters, top off fluids and inspect the system for overall wear and tear. This can help reduce the amount of energy needed to run your AC system efficiently – saving you money in the short and long term.

2)   Replace your indoor air filters every month. Another easy way to reduce the drag on your AC system is to simply replace indoor filters every month. It can get very dusty in the desert all year long so simply replacing your filters will not only reduce air flow and make it easier on your AC system to work, but it can also help increase your indoor air quality.

It is clear there are many reasons why air conditioner sales peak during early summer. But, by simply having your system checked out in spring by a dependable HVAC professional can not only help you reduce the potential of your unit breaking down, but if it needs to be replaced, you can get it done when business is not as busy, which could save you money as well.

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Tuesday, May 13, 2014

[New Post] Tips for Finding Factual Lennox HVAC Reviews Online published on scottsdaleair

lennox hvac reviewsIt’s often been said that if it’s posted on the Internet, it must be true. But when it comes to finding reliable product reviews about HVAC systems it’s becoming more difficult to find factual information that isn’t packed with marketing fluff. However, there are a few tricks you can use to not only search for good Lennox HVAC reviews posted on the Internet, but also read between the lines to get accurate information you need in order to make a well-informed decision on which HVAC system you should choose.

3 Tips to Finding Truthful Lennox HVAC Reviews

Tip #1 – Search for Third Party Reviews

The first way to simplify the process of finding solid Lennox HVAC system product reviews is to consider the source of the posting. And the best sources of any product reviews are third party review companies like Consumer Reports. For years Consumer Reports has been the go-to source for consumers to find factual information about major appliances: from heating units and AC systems to refrigerators and more. Consumers depend on fair and balanced product reviews, which is what keeps many of these third party review companies in business.

So when you’re searching for good information about Lennox HVAC systems, always consider the source that is posting the online review before you take time to review the content.

Tip #2 – Look for Scientific Data

Another sure fire way to read beyond the marketing spin posted in many product reviews is to consider the hard scientific facts. In the world of HVAC systems, this often means looking into the energy ratings and capacity of the product. Regardless of the manufacturer, there are three particular items that you should be concerned with regarding the quality of any HVAC system:

  • The SEER Rating

  • The size and capacity of the system

  • Whether it is Energy Star® rated or not

These three elements will often tell you all you need to know about any HVAC system. However, the most important part of finding the right unit to power your individual home goes much further than simply looking for ratings.

Tip #3 – Work with a Professional HVAC Contractor to Determine the Right Sized Unit

Reading product reviews online is a great initial source of information about the different brands, makes and models of HVAC systems. However, the most important step when it comes to picking the right HVAC unit is working with a professional HVAC contractor. In order to find the right ‘fit’ for your home, a load calculation is required, which the contractor will prepare. This method of determining the right sized system for a home or office space has been used for decades and considers many individual factors including:

  • The overall square footage of the property

  • The amount of floors, windows and doors

  • The direction of windows, the insulation used and other important factors

By working with a licensed HVAC contracting company you are able to narrow down your search to particular models and sizes of HVAC systems, which will save you a ton of time in searching online for good Lennox HVAC reviews. Once you have a good idea as to the size of system you need, finding good information about a specific HVAC unit online will be much easier. From that point your can narrow your search to HVAC companies that install Lennox systems and are Lennox Dealers.

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[New Post] What Makes An Air Conditioning Company in Fountain Hills Great? published on scottsdaleair

Air Conditioning Company Fountain HillsIt shouldn’t be a surprise to anybody that finding a qualified and dependable contractor to complete HVAC repairs can be an extremely time consuming process. And since there are several air conditioning companies in Fountain Hills, it’s becoming more difficult to know how to separate the ‘average providers’ from those that deliver exceptional service across the board.

What To Look For When Picking A Great Air Conditioning Company In Fountain Hills

First – Make Sure They Carry the Appropriate Licenses and Certifications

Most AC repair companies that service the Fountain Hills community are very reliable. However, a key component to determining if an air conditioning company operates above and beyond is their credibility. And this often begins with the certifications, licenses and permits they hold. Some of the important certifications that any HVAC company should have include:

When an HVAC company takes the proactive measures to work with the best organizations that help them provide complete HVAC services, you can count on them to produce quality results.

Second – Check Their Online Presence

Another important attribute that customers in Fountain Hills should consider is how much effort a business places on online marketing. This doesn’t mean that you should always hire the company that spams you often, nor does it mean that you should pick the first Google ad you see in the search results. What this means is take into consideration the quality of their online presence. For example:

  • Review their website. Is it clean? Easy to navigate? Provide you with factual information that you can use?

  • Follow them on Facebook and Twitter. Are they active with their social media pages? Do they engage their customers and followers? And do they answer public questions about their service quickly and promptly?

  • Do they have a solid blog network that provides useful information that isn’t to sales pitchy?

In short, the effort that a company puts on their ‘public image’ is a sign of their desire to produce quality results across the board.

Third – Verify their Service Record with Pervious Customers

Finally, when you’re looking to hire the best air conditioning company go directly to the horse’s mouth; get feedback from their customers posted as customer reviews. There are two primary places to get factual information directly from previous customers of any HVAC company:

  • Better Business Bureau (BBB)

  • Angieslist.com

If a company operates under suspicious business practices, many customers will file a complaint with the Better Business Bureau. However, when a company is really good about working with the public, the BBB will often highlight them as a certified BBB provider. Angieslist.com is another great online source to get consumer direct reviews about any air conditioning company that services the Fountain Hills community.

Regardless of where you get the info, always take the time to complete as much research as possible before hiring any air conditioning company in Fountain Hills.

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