Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Why Lennox Rebates & Promotions Are So Valuable

Lennox RebatesEverybody loves to save money – right? Well, if you’re in the market to buying a new heating and cooling system in 2015, you might find that process easier than you think when you look into the rebates that authorized Lennox dealers are offering this year. However, just like any other discount or coupons that are offered, many consumers ask – ‘so; what’s the catch’? The reality is that Lennox authorized dealers make cashing in Lennox rebates very simple – and often offer additional deals when you have your new Lennox unit installed by the company.

Here are a few specific reasons why Lennox rebates are genuine, and provide exceptional value for consumers above most of their competition.

First – Lennox Furnace Rebates Given to Dealers 

Every year Lennox offers its customers incentives and rebates on many of their products. Specifically, in 2015, they’ve given a lot of the power to the individual distributors who sell and install Lennox systems. This is very beneficial for the consumer – especially those that live in Scottsdale, as they often don’t experience any problems getting your Lennox rebates from the company that you work with to purchase it directly. Contact your local Lennox authorized dealer in Scottsdale to ask them about the Lennox coupons that they are offering for furnaces and other heating systems before it’s too late to cash in on the savings.

Second – Lennox Often Updates Rebates and Specials seasonally

It’s also important to stay in contact with your local Lennox dealer – especially through social media; as many authorized Lennox dealers in Scottsdale are beginning to explore social media activation for their coupons and rebate offers. Usually this process is time sensitive and based on seasonal business. For example; you’ll often see many air conditioning rebates offered in early spring – and Lennox heating system rebates offered in the fall. However, the best way to see these rebates is to follow your trustworthy Lennox dealer in Scottsdale on their Facebook page – so you don’t miss out.

Third – Local Companies Make it Easier to Cash in Savings on Lennox Products

When you work with local Lennox dealers in Scottsdale, the mistakes and hassles of collecting rebate checks from the corporation are significantly reduced. Most of the time, the local dealer will take any rebates or coupons directly off the overall cost of the unit – or the installation of your new Lennox heating unit. In fact, since most of the Lennox rebates in 2015 are offered by direct distributors – it’s always best to start locally to get your best deals.

Lennox rebates and coupons are always available – you simply need to know the best and easiest place to receive them. Contact your local Scottsdale Lennox dealer or follow them on Facebook to see what special offers are available in 2015.


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Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What Are The Best AC Units For Arizona Home Owners?

 Best AC Units For ArizonaA common trait that all Arizona home owners have is the desire to find the best bang for their investment buck. Whether it’s looking for the best deal on a replacement refrigerator, or the search for the most dependable and best AC units for Arizona  homes, everybody always seeks the best deal. However, have you ever considered that sometimes the best bargain might not always be the best value? When it comes to HVAC systems – value always trumps pricing.

Here are a few of the best HVAC units that are available to Arizona home owners that will help you save money for several years.

Lennox HVAC Systems

When Dave Lennox decided to enter the AC market nearly 100 years ago, his intent was to make the best cooling system possible. However, where he accelerated past most competition was that his systems were energy efficient ac units even back in the early 1900′s. Today Lennox AC and Heating systems continue to build on the legacy that Dave introduced nearly a century ago.

Each Lennox system is fine-tuned to achieve maximum efficiency. And when you work with an authorized Lennox dealer, they will ensure that they sale and install the perfect sized system for your home. By starting with this dependable measurement system called a Load Calculation , you’ll be certain to get the best bang for your buck.

Trane AC Units

Regarded as one of the most energy efficient and dependable HVAC units made today – Trane leads our list of the best heating and cooling units in Arizona. Trane is a global leader in manufacturing and engineering of top-rated AC and heating systems  . They are built to increase indoor comfort without consuming too much energy. How is that possible you ask? Here are a few ways they lead the pack:

  • Trane systems are all Energy Star® Rated

  • Trane HVAC systems integrate the latest technology to streamline efficiency

  • Trane systems have amazing warranty  and service programs; and are ONLY serviced by authorized Trane Comfort Specialists

When you combine their dependability with service and maintenance performed by Trane Comfort Specialists, you get one of the best heating and cooling units in Arizona.

Bryant HVAC Units

Finally, when it comes to finding a great value for a replacement AC or Heating system for your Arizona home, Bryant HVAC systems are in our top three. Bryant has been regarded as a leader in home comfort for many decades. However, what is not commonly known is that this company has built a solid reputation on dependability – since their systems are built to withstand extreme temperatures – like the summers we experience in Arizona.

You simply can’t go wrong with any of these three brands. So when you’re looking the best AC units for Arizona home owners contact your dependable HVAC contractor in Arizona  – and ask for one of these three manufactures by name. You’ll be very satisfied with any of these leading manufactures.

Work with Scottsdale’s most experienced and professional HVAC companies, Scottsdale Air Heating  & Cooling. Proudly serving the valley since 1947! Call 480-359-7141.

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Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Comparison: Air Conditioners Vs. Heat Pumps in Arizona

heat pumps in arizonaFinding the best value on a replacement cooling system in Arizona can be tricky with the multiple options available to home and business owners. From debating whether an air conditioning unit is best for your house to wondering about the effectiveness of heat pumps in Arizona – the bottom line is that every consumer wants to get the best option that provides them the best value and comfort. Two of the most popular cooling systems sold in the Scottsdale area include air conditioning systems and heat pumps.

In order to simplify the famous argument and debate of heat pumps vs air conditioner efficiency, here are some facts for you to look into that will help you pick the right system for your individual needs.

Facts About Air Conditioners and Heat Pumps

Question #1 – What is the Difference Between a Heat Pump versus Air Conditioner?

Basically, a heat pump system is designed to keep your home at a consistent temperature all year long. It’s designed to draw ‘heat’ from the ground below a home in order to either ‘cool’ or ‘heat’ the air inside your home. This is done by either removing the heat (during the summer) or removing the chill (in winter). Some of the best heat pump systems are made and sold to Arizona residential units – as opposed to commercial buildings.

An air conditioning system is different than a heat pump in that it’s designed to do one job – and that’s to cool the air inside your home. Air conditioning systems circulate the warm air from your home, into the cooling unit, and use ‘coolant’ and fans to remove the heat source from the hot air, and circulate cooler air back into your home.

The main difference between a heat pump and the traditional AC system is that a heat pump is an all-in-one unit – meaning it’s designed to keep you warm in winter and cool in summer.

Question #2 – Which Type of Unit Provides the Best Value?

If you’re looking for the best return on investment or best value for a replacement cooling system, the heat pump traditionally is the best choice. When you look into heat pump cost, the truth is that these systems will be more expensive than an air conditioning unit. However, when you examine the overall cost of installing a new heating unit and ac system vs. buying one heat pump unit – the price can be lower.

Another benefit to buying a heat pump unit in Arizona is the cost of operation. Typically a heat pump will consume less energy than an AC system and a heater. This will offset and reduce your monthly expenses – further adding to the value of buying a new heat pump for your home.

Question #3 – Are Heat Pump Systems Energy Efficient?

In a word – yes. Heat pumps are very energy efficient units. One of the ways that a home owner can examine this is to search for the units SEER ratings. Which leads us to another obvious question – how do you determine SEER rating of a heat pump? The best way to get this valuable information is to examine the heat pump reviews written online by reliable third-party consumer groups. You can also check out manufacturers websites – just to get the facts about heat pumps that they sell.

It’s also a good idea to contact a local HVAC company in Scottsdale that sell, service and installs heat pumps in Arizona. You’ll quickly discover that heat pumps are very affordable, full-service heating and cooling solutions that provide home owners with value and comfort for several years.

Work with Scottsdale’s most experienced and professional HVAC companies, Scottsdale Air Heating  & Cooling. Proudly serving the valley since 1947! Call 480-359-7141.

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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Lennox AC Reviews: Determine If Lennox Is The Right System

lennox ac reviewsBelieve it or not, everything you see on the internet is not always true. This is especially the case when it comes to trying to find factual information about replacement AC systems – and wondering which system is best for your particular home. And sadly, when you look for most Lennox AC reviews in Arizona, the facts remain that some of the information included might be slightly ‘enhanced’. To provide you with some facts that will help you find solid information about Lennox AC systems, here are some tips that will help you weed through the online reviews and help you make an informed decision.

Fact #1 – Lennox Heating Units are Dependable

There are some reviews written about Lennox heating systems that talk a lot about their dependability. However, the facts are most of the negative reviews about Lennox products often are written by individuals or companies that are trying to put a bad spin on that information. Although this is illegal, it’s very hard for authorities to actually find responsible parties on the internet.

Lennox heating and cooling systems are considered by Consumer Reports and other trustworthy review companies as being highly dependable systems. And since a critical element for any replacement HVAC system in Arizona is how well they will perform in extreme heat, you can be confident in the Lennox brand.

Fact #2 – Lennox Systems are Extremely Energy Efficient

Another misleading factoid that you’ll find in several online reviews about Lennox systems is that they consume lots of energy. This is entirely false. In fact, most Lennox HVAC unit reviews indicate that they surpass US Department of Energy ‘Energy Star®’ Rating standards. The best thing about Lennox systems is that they are built very strong; but can only be installed by authorized Lennox dealers that have completed extensive training. This experience also allows these trusted contractors to complete routine maintenance on your new Lennox system – keeping them running efficiently around the clock when you need it most.

Fact #3 – Certified Lennox Dealers in Arizona are Dependable

Finally, as we stated above, only an authorized contractor can install Lennox systems. However, in many Lennox reviews written online you’ll notice that they are written by companies that are NOT authorized dealers. A certified Lennox dealer will steer you straight – as many of them are also distributors of other competitors. They’ll give you the facts and find a replacement system that is best suited for your individual requirements.

The best advice that we can give (as authorized Lennox Dealers) is to contact your local HVAC dealer in Scottsdale and ask them about what type of cooling or heating system is best for your specific application. Believe it or not, they have your best interest in mind – and will always back up the factual information that you read in most of the best Lennox AC reviews posted these days.

 If you’re looking to work with a top-notch, highly-experienced Lennox Authorized dealer and you live in the Scottsdale Phoenix area, call Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling to get all of your questions answered. Call 480-359-7141 Today!


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