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[New Post] Which Lennox HVAC Model Numbers Perform the Best in Scottsdale Arizona? published on scottsdaleair

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Homeowners and commercial business owners often demand value in every major purchase. And with the economicclimate being unstable, ensuring you get the best possible return on your investment has become more critical than ever before. It’s for this purpose that many people in Scottsdale search for the Lennox model numbers that provide them the best bang for their buck. And just like any other quality-driven manufacturer, there are some models that are better suited to handle the extreme weather of Arizona.

Here are three of our favorites.

The Lennox XC25 Air Conditioner

If you’re in search of the most efficient and precisely engineered air conditioner on the market, the Lennox XC 25 is above and beyond the best. This system includes Lennox’s patented Precise Comfort® technology that permits homeowners to slowly change the increments on comfort by as small as 1%. This means that you can customize a home comfort package that truly is perfect for you – without consuming too much energy. This unit also has SEER rating of 26.00 that can help save you hundreds of dollars on energy bills annually.

Dependability is also enhanced with the XC 25. Lennox has engineered the XC series to exceed Energy Star® ratings for efficiency. Without question, when you’re looking for a large capacity AC system for your Arizona home, the XC 25 is a certain winner.

Lennox XC21 Air Conditioner

For those with smaller single-family homes, that are looking for very quiet and every efficient two-stage central air conditioning, the Lennox XC 21 is unique. This system comes with an SEER rating of 21.20 and is exceptional at delivering complete home comfort. Lennox Exclusive SilentComfort™ technology is infused into each XC 21 series AC system manufactured – which provides you with consistent temperature control through your entire home. Plus, with the option to include SunSource® Solar-Ready options, you have the ability to add a solar-powered system that will save you lots of money on utility bills.

Dave Lennox Signature® Collection XP21 Heat Pump

Believe it or not, many homes in Arizona are starting to see the value of heat pump systems. These all-in-one cooling and heating units are designed to use the natural resource of our earth’s core to keep the temperature inside a home at a consistently comfortable level. And without question, the most dependable and quite heat pump system created today is the Dave Lennox Series XP 21 Heat Pump.

Like many of Lennox’s other top-selling units, the XP21 comes equipped with SilentComfort™ technology that is combined with a two-stage operation program which allows your home to maintain precise temperatures – without those huge energy bills. These systems have SEER ratings of 19.20 and can save more money on utilities than most traditional heat pump units.

Plus, like the XC 21 AC system above, you can add the Lennox SunSource® elements to this heat pump to convert solar power to operate your heat pump system.

These three Lennox model numbers are without a doubt the best for Arizona’s extreme weather. Not only is each of them Energy Star® rated, but they also can withstand the hot summers and coldest winter evenings. Contact your local Lennox authorized distributor and installation expert in Scottsdale to inquire about what Lennox system is best for your individual application.

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[New Post] HVAC Air Conditioner Service In Scottsdale: Time To Prepare For Winter published on scottsdaleair

hvac air conditioning service in scottsdale az

Believe it or not – it is important to have HVAC air conditioner service in Scottsdale completed before winter hits. Although our temperatures tend to stay relatively comfortable from September through early March, at night and the early morning hours, it can dip below freezing. And due to this extreme cold weather, some cooling systems need to be prepared for the winter – while others do not require intensive ‘shut down’ procedures.

To simplify this, here are some tips for preparing your HVAC air conditioning service in the Phoenix Valley for the upcoming winter months.

Central Air Conditioning Units

The most typical type of AC system in Scottsdale is the central air conditioning unit. These systems are self-contained and are typically installed outside your home, placed on a concrete slab. Traditionally, there are no ‘shut down’ procedures that are mandatory however there are a few things you should do as you begin to slowly stop using your AC.

  • Change out your filters every month. Remember, your filters also impact the performance of your heating unit as well, so even though you don’t use your AC as much in Fall, keep on replacing your filters on a monthly basis.

  • Set up a post-summer inspection. A great idea to diagnose potential broken components is to have routine maintenance performed on your cooling system before winter. This will allow the tech to diagnose any small issues that will grow when you activate the AC again in spring.

Heat Pump Systems

Another common type of cooling system in Arizona is the heat pump unit. These systems are designed to keep your home at a consistent temperature all year long. Since they don’t use refrigerant or water to cool your home, they don’t require any special winterizing maintenance. However, just like the above central air example, you’ll want to ensure to have your unit serviced before the cold weather arrives – just to make sure that it’s in working order.

Swamp Coolers

For homes or commercial buildings that have swamp coolers or evaporative coolers as a primary cooling source, you’ll want to make sure they are prepared for winter. Typically, the winterizing procedure for swamp coolers is as follows:

  • First, shut off the water valve that flows water to the swamp cooler

  • Second, drain the swamp cooler of excess water

  • Third, clean and lubricate all moving parts

  • Fourth, cover your swamp cooler to protect it from the elements in winter

As with any major appliance, if you’re not 100% comfortable about servicing your swamp cooler for winter, always contact a HVAC professional to complete this step for you. During these service calls they can also inspect your system for leaks, damage or any other signs of premature wear and tear.

Any Cooling System

Regardless of what type of cooling system you have in Arizona, there are three things that you should always do before winter:

  • Make sure you have HVAC air conditioning service completed before you turn your unit back on the following spring.

  • Make sure to continually change out your filters every month.

  • Always make sure to keep your thermostat calibrated. This will help the overall performance of your complete HVAC system.

As you can see, there are not a lot of things to include in regards to HVAC air conditioner service in Scottsdale. The critical step is to ensure you take time to have a HVAC professional examine and inspect your system after the extensive use it undergoes in summer. This small investment in time and resources can save you a ton of money in unexpected repairs down the road.

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[New Post] 4 Tips To Get Your HVAC Cooling System Ready For Winter published on scottsdaleair

hvac cooling system

Most people living in the Phoenix Valley welcome the fall season. Whether it’s due to the fact that temperatures steadily fall into a nice comfort zone, or that fall offers several great opportunities to explore the outdoors, it’s always a great time of year. However, did you know that the fall season is also a great time to prepare your HVAC cooling system in Scottsdale for the winter? Actually, did you know that you should have your cooling system prepared for winter in the first place?

If not, here are a few practical tips that will help you prepare your cooling system for a nice winter break and ensure that when you turn it back on in spring, it won’t break the bank.

Tip #1 – Have Your Cooling System Professionally Inspected

The first thing that any home or business owner should do to prepare their cooling system for winter is to have a routine service call scheduled before it gets too cold outside. Most cooling systems in Arizona are self-contained, central air units that don’t require a lot of ‘winterizing‘. However, there are a few things that the routine inspection will determine that will impact how your cooling unit works in the hot summer the following year including:

  • A routine inspection will be able to diagnose major problems early. Typically, cooling systems will work very efficiently, however, from time to time, small issues pop up. And if a professional HVAC service expert can diagnose and fix a smaller issue, it can and often does save home owners a ton of money in the long term.

  • Routine inspections will also examine the overall operation of your HVAC system. This means, if a problem is found with any component that will impact the performance of your heating system, again it can be fixed before it becomes a major issue.

Tip #2 – Change Your Filters

One thing that any home or business owner can do themselves is to change their filters out. Since we live and work in the desert, it’s always advised to have your filters changed at least every 60-days. And remember, your indoor filters also impact the efficiency of your heating system as well – so stay on top of this routine maintenance program all year.

Tip #3 – Update the Thermostat

If you have an older thermostat, the fall season can be a great time to replace it with a newer, more user friendly programmable thermostat. The cooling and heating system both depend on the efficient operation of your thermostat. By taking the proactive step to replace your thermostat when you’re preparing your AC system for winter, you’ll also be preparing your heating unit for winter at the same time.

Plus, programmable thermostats offer home and business owners much more freedom to streamline the comfort level during the entire year. This can save you money on monthly utility bills all year long.

Tip #4 – Have Your Ducts Cleaned

Finally, the last step to take that will not only help your cooling system be prepared for winter, but also will increase the efficiency of your heating unit is to have your ducts cleaned and inspected for any leaks. According to the US Department of Energy, most homes and businesses experience most of their energy loss due to leaking, dirty or inefficient ductwork. When you have the ductwork cleaned and sealed during the fall, you’ll be preparing your AC system for efficient operation when it’s turned on again – but also preparing your heating unit for solid operation.

As you can see, even though many cooling systems in Scottsdale are not directly attached to heating elements, they both use several of the same components. Take time to contact a professional HVAC contractor to have your AC system inspected before winter. You’ll not only save money in the long run, but also help improve the performance and efficiency of the entire comfort system.

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[New Post] When Is The Best Time To Service Your Trane Rooftop Unit? published on scottsdaleair

trane rooftop unit

As the summer heat begins to escape the Phoenix valley, many commercial business owners and home owners withTrane rooftop units might consider shutting down their systems. However, did you know that the fall is actually one of the best times to service any rooftop air conditioning system? And believe it or not taking the proactive measure to have routine AC service completed – when the weather is still relatively warm outside can save you a lot of money.

Here are a few reasons why the fall season is actually a great time to have your Trane rooftop unit serviced by professional Trane comfort specialists in Scottsdale.

First – Fall Maintenance can also impact Heating System Operation

One of the biggest misconceptions about commercial and residential HVAC systems is that heating and cooling systems have nothing to do with each other. On the contrary, both units both use several of the same components to efficiently circulate air though the entire building such as:

  • Duct work. When you have your Trane rooftop unit serviced, one of the most common parts of any inspection is to examine the duct work. If your duct work is in need of repair, or is dirty and needs to be cleaned, the Trane comfort specialist can often schedule this to be done quickly. This duct work also is where warm air is circulated throughout a building. So by having your service completed now, you’ll be better prepared to have an efficient and cleaner-operating heating system when it starts to get cold.

  • Thermostats. Another component that is inspected during your Trane rooftop service is the thermostat. And, just like the duct work, this individual component also impacts the operation of the heating unit. Sometimes thermostats fall out of calibration, so when you have it fixed and calibrated in the fall, the thermostat will be in working order to efficiently keep your building warm in winter.

  • Filters. Finally, the filtration system that keeps dirty air from entering your building is also examined and in many cases replaced during your rooftop service. This is critical for efficient air flow for all HVAC units however it also impacts indoor air quality as well.

Second – Trane Rooftop Unit Maintenance also Impacts Energy Consumption

As the weather begins to cool down unfortunately the local energy department tends to increase rates. Across the board, prices per unit consumed of natural gas and electricity tend to be slightly higher in the fall season. Due to this, when you have your rooftop system serviced in the fall, it helps you reduce the amount of energy needed to keep your building cool on those warm days. As we stated above, each of those individual components that also work with the heating unit will impact the overall efficiency of the entire HVAC system.

Before you head into winter, you want to ensure that your HVAC system is operating at peak efficiency across the board, which is another reason why having your rooftop unit tuned up in the fall season is a smart idea.

As you can see, the months of October through December offer commercial building owners and residential home owners are great opportunity to have their Trane rooftop units serviced by professional Trane comfort specialists in Scottsdale.

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