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Scottsdale Air Conditioning ContractorsRegardless of the industry, teamwork is a critical element in order to achieve success. And when it comes to fixing, installing or maintaining an air conditioning unit, knowing how to work and communicate with Scottsdale air conditioning contractors can significantly improve the working relationship. In fact, knowing what you can do to help articulate the issues that your homes AC system is experiencing can and often does lead to more effective and less costly repairs.

How To Work With Scottsdale Air Conditioning Contractors

Hint #1 – Learn the Basics about your AC System

For the most part, contacting the local AC repair company when you need service will be rather simple. You often need to provide some basic information in order to determine whether or not the company you’ve contacted is qualified and available to fix your problem. Some of the specifics you should investigate prior to contacting any Scottsdale AC Contractors include:

  • What type of air-conditioning system you have cooling your home. Is it a heat pump system, an all-in-one HVAC unit or a central air system?

  • What brand of air conditioning system is keeping your home cool? And, are there different parts to this system; i.e. is there a unit outside and one inside or just one outside?

  • What size of AC system do you have?

  • How long have you had this AC system installed inside your home and what was the last time it was serviced?

When you can find out these answers, and then contact the AC contractor, the process will flow much smoother.

Hint #2 – Try to Ensure Safety Prior to their Visit

Another helpful hint that will assist the contractor you hire to fix your AC system in Scottsdale is to consider the safety of the contractor when they visit your home. The best way to accomplish this is to think about what things inside your home can pose potential safety risks. Here are a few specific things to consider:

  • Do you have any pets that might pose a danger to a visiting contractor? If so, take proactive measures to secure them before the contractor arrives.

  • Are there any obstructions near the work area that might cause trips, falls, or other potential safety concerns? If so, take measures to remove them if possible. If nothing else, please communicate those potential safety concerns to any HVAC contractor.

  • Do you know where your main power supply is located? You’re Scottsdale air conditioning contractor will need to access this and shut off power to the unit when they work on the ac system.

As you can see, some of these hints are very basic. However, by simply taking the appropriate action to find out answers to these questions can reduce the time spent on repairs and maintenance. Plus, it will ensure your Scottsdale air conditioning contractors will remain safe when they complete any repairs to your system.

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AC Compressor Replacement TempeIt is very important to check your work, especially the service provided by professional HVAC contractors. Whether or not you know anything about air conditioning systems, one of the best ways to protect yourself from bad repair jobs is to verify facts. And in the air conditioning industry, knowing some facts about one of the leading causes of AC failure can save you money in the long run. Therefore, here are a few important things you should verify anytime you have an AC compressor replacement job completed in Tempe.

4 Tips Before Having Your AC Compressor Replaced in Tempe

#1 – Understand The Role Of The AC Compressor

Before you spend a ton of money to have your entire AC system replaced, you should always verify with the HVAC contractor what is broken. Sometimes a component like an AC compressor is broken and can easily be repaired or replaced if needed.

Here is how these systems work. An AC Compressor is designed to pressurize Freon within your AC system. When gases are compressed, the air gets hot due to the fact that the molecules are close together. This is why the compressed gas enters a radiator-like device (similar to a car’s radiator) that cool this compressed gas. Once the air is cooled to room temperature, the Freon will then enter cooling tubes where the air will circulate thereby cooling the air and entering your home as ‘cooled air’.

#2 – Realize That There Are Several Components To An AC Compressor

Although sometimes the complete AC compressor needs to be replaced, there are times when some of the components simply need to be replaced or serviced. Some of the most common issues that AC compressors have include:

  • Loose belts or hoses that circulate the compressed gas

  • Loose electrical components attached to the compressor

  • Worn out mechanical parts or improper lubrication inside the ac compressor

If you hire a good HVAC contractor, they’ll be able to find out if the entire unit is broken, of if a simple fix can be completed to get your unit back up and running.

#3 – Check With Local Review Websites

Another way to protect you from poor AC compressor replacement jobs in Tempe is to check with online customer review websites. Some sites like Angieslist.com offer outstanding, customer-based reviews about all air conditioning repair services completed. The cool thing about Angieslist.com in particular is that they separate their reviews by category, location and by service rating. If you live in Tempe and are looking for the highest rated HVAC contractor that completes AC compressor replacement, you’ll find it easily on Angieslist.com.

#4 – Never Be Afraid To Ask Questions

The more you know the better prepared you’ll be to make smart decisions. This is why our final suggestion to ensure you receive the best AC compressor replacement job completed in Tempe is to ask questions. Ask the repair company about their methods, about their guarantees and about their repair and service policies. When you ask questions, and receive honest and transparent replies, you can feel confident that the company completing your AC compressor replacement job will get the job done right.

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[New Post] Honeywell 9000 Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat Making Comfortable Living Easy published on scottsdaleair

honeywell 9000 wi fi thermostatAs technology improves, so does the need to apply that technology to increase comfort. One of the most popular ways to streamline your indoor comfort is installing thermostat controllers such as the Honeywell Wi-Fi smart thermostat. These state-of-the-art systems are growing in popularity due to their unique ability to allow home owners to control all aspects of their temperature from their mobile devices. And contrary to popular belief, the Honeywell 9000 Wi-Fi accessible remote thermostat is much more affordable than you’d believe.

Common Questions About The HoneyWell 9000 Wi-Fi Compatible Thermostats

Question #1: Are Wi-Fi programmable thermostats safe to use?

One of the growing concerns with mobile technology is the threats they pose to identity theft or unauthorized access to a system. And believe it or not, having somebody have control of your indoor temperature settings can be a security threat that leads to other potential risks. However, a unique feature of the Honeywell 9000 is the fact that it’s protected by several redundant SSL security programs. In fact, the same people that protect most Apple products also manufacture the security protocol for the Honeywell 9000 thermostat.

Question #2: Does a Wi-Fi programmable stop working when a Wi-Fi connection is lost?

In short – yes; the Honeywell 9000 will continue to work as programmed if a Wi-Fi connection is lost at any time. The Wi-Fi connection simply allows you to access the system via your mobile device (such as mobile phone, tablet and even remote computers. If the Wi-Fi signal is lost, the thermostat will continue to work as scheduled. This is why most people will set a basic program for their thermostat at home and use the Wi-Fi connectivity features to ‘fine-tune’ their indoor temperature settings; especially when the weather quickly changes as it does in summertime during thunderstorm season.

Question: Does a Wi-Fi thermostat cause any connectivity issues with other mobile devices inside a home?

No – since the Honeywell 9000 is FCC compliant, it does not cause any programming or functional interference with other household Wi-Fi accessible devices. This programmable thermostat operates with several Wi-Fi networks and is set up as a Dynamic Host Control Protocol (DHCP) and not a static IP Address Network. This also helps the system remain secure as it can’t easily be ‘hacked’ into.

Question: How can I access the Honeywell 9000 from any mobile device?

Access to the Honeywell 9000 is easy when you have any mobile device thanks to the Total Connect Comfort services available online. This unique cloud-based network is accessible from any mobile or internet capable system. Once you sign up for this service, you can remotely connect to the system and change settings to your home’s thermostat. It really is that simple to use.

Plus – by using this system you are able to load as many programmable systems as you’d like. This is great for people that have RV’s or multiple homes; as they can set the temperature settings from any location that has internet access.

As you can see, the Honeywell 9000 Wi-Fi remote thermostat is not only easy to use, but it can significantly help you reduce energy bills by changing the settings to meet your traveling needs and busy schedules. The system is also extremely safe to use; providing you with peace of mind knowing that non-authorized people don’t have the capability to access your home thermostats.

Watch this video to learn more about the Honeywell 9000 Wi-Fi Thermostat

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HVAC contractor McCormick RanchGood help is indeed hard to find. But when it comes to hiring a dependable HVAC contractor in McCormick Ranch, it can be as difficult as searching for that perfect needle in a huge haystack. McCormick Ranch has been one of Scottsdale’s best communities for the past four decades. But just like any other area, from time to time, homeowners need to retain the services of a dependable and honest HVAC contractor. Whether it’s because you need your heating system tuned-up or need to have an air conditioning system inspected before summertime, there are a few important keys to finding and hiring a good, honest HVAC contractor.

3 Important Tips for Choosing an HVAC Contractor in the McCormick Ranch Area

First – Check with the BBB

The Scottsdale Better Business Bureau is a wonderful place to find out details about any contractor – especially those that provide HVAC services. When a company has a positive consumer record with the BBB, you have a good indication about the way that company conducts business on a daily basis. On the contrary, when a HVAC service company has a unscrupulous record with several customer complaints with the BBB on file, you might want to skip contacting them.

Always contact the BBB to check up on any HVAC contractor before hiring them to work on your McCormick Ranch home.

Second – Verify their Credentials

Just like hiring an employee, selecting a reliable HVAC contractor to work on your home should be completed with an interview. After you’ve verified that a company is in good standing with the local BBB, take the time to schedule an interview with the contractor. During this interview you can and should ask them a few important questions including:

  • Are you licensed, certified and insured in the State of Arizona? If so, can you provide me with copies of your certifications and proof of insurance?

  • Do you have a list of previous customers that we can contact as references?

  • What is your policy on repairs, tune-ups and installation services?

Simply asking these questions however is not enough. You should also consider their responses as well. Anybody that scoffs on providing you with answers to these simple questions should not be considered as a trustworthy HVAC provider. However, if they are open, honest and transparent you can feel very confident that they’ll deliver exceptional service.

Third – Check with Angieslist.com

For several years, Angieslist.com has been the go-to online portal for consumer based reviews and facts on HVAC contractors that service the McCormick Ranch community. The great thing about Angie’s List is that every review posted is actually submitted by actual customers like you. This means that the information posted there is factual and can be trusted to be dependable. When a company receives Angieslist.com service records for superior service, you can also count on them to be a great provider.

Finding a good HVAC contractor in McCormick Ranch is easy when you keep in mind these three simple keys. Remember though, that any contractor that you hire should always be licensed and insured in Arizona, should always be open and honest and have a positive consumer record.

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ac tune up paradise valley azIt’s getting close to summertime in Paradise Valley, which means only one thing – the heat is coming quickly. And as you probably know, there is nothing worse than turning on your home’s AC unit on that first 90-degree day to discover that your unit just isn’t running smoothly. A great way to avoid this is to schedule a routine AC tune up in Paradise Valley performed by a licensed, certified and dependable HVAC contractor.

4 Qualities Of A Good AC Repair Company In Paradise Valley

First – A Good AC Tune Up Will Inspect the Entire System

Did you know that the actual AC unit only makes up about 50% of the entire home AC system? In fact, the actual unit that is either outside or on your roof merely powers the circulation of air from inside your home to the AC unit and then back into your home. This is why a good AC tune up will also include a detailed inspection of several other important components, including:

  • Inspection and calibration of your thermostat

  • Inspection and cleaning of AC vents, Filters and ductwork

  • Inspection of all electrical systems that power the AC system

  • Inspection of all components inside the actual AC unit

Only when all of these parts work together can your home’s AC system truly operate with peak efficiency.

Second – Make Sure To Replace those Internal Filters – Frequently

When your local AC tune up company that services Paradise Valley shows up to the appointment, they will most likely replace the air filters inside your home as part of their routine tune-up. However, this is where many homeowners make a mistake. You should always ask the technician what size and brand of inside air filters you should order and keep on hand. It’s recommended that these indoor filters be replaced at least every two months especially in a dusty city like Paradise Valley.

Third – A Great AC Tune Up will Include Lubricant Checks

Just like any other mechanical unit, an AC system needs to maintain proper lubrication in order to run smoothly. However, many AC tune up specialists actually skip this important step. Whether it’s due to laziness or simply not understanding basic mechanics, it’s very important to ensure that all lubricants are inspected and topped off with any AC tune up service. So, always make sure that when an AC tech leaves your home and gives you a detailed receipt for all the services they have provided that ‘lubricant check’ and ‘fill-up’ are clearly marked on the invoice.

Finally – Always Be Certain to Ask for a Detailed Report

Education is a vital element for success in virtually any industry. However, as a homeowner, the more you know about each major appliance, how it works and most importantly, what might be not working properly is a sure fire way to stay ahead of expensive repairs. This is why the final item you should receive from any AC tune up in Paradise Valley is a detailed report from the technician outlining the following:

  • What did they service?

  • What items did they replace?

  • What items should be replaced or checked at the next service?

When you know what to expect during your home AC tune up in Paradise Valley, you’ll be able to enjoy a relaxing and cool summer – with peace of mind knowing that your system is running strong.

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