Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Top Picks For Best Air Conditioning Unit for Phoenix Arizona

Best Air Conditioning UnitHere is a trick question – what is the best air conditioning unit for Phoenix Arizona home owners? With the multitude of different manufacturers, sizes, shapes, styles and models of cooling systems made today, it’s not a mystery why this is truly a trick question that doesn’t have a simple answer. However, the perpetual search for that perfect cooling system or the best HVAC unit for your home is simplified when you can streamline the field to the top three units that are sold for our homes here in the Valley of the Sun.

Here are our top picks for the best air conditioning unit brand names that will always keep your home comfortably cool – without breaking your budget.

Lennox HVAC Systems

The big three is topped off by Lennox. And ever since Dave Lennox introduced his first cooling system in the early 20th century, the company has continued to be pioneers in innovation and comfort system engineering. Lennox is a premium manufacture of highly reliable and dependable cooling units that are very common in Arizona homes. Their diversity in sizes, styles and applications ensures that you can find a Lennox air conditioning unit that is perfectly equipped to handle your specific applications. Regardless of the size or complexity of your home – there is an affordable Lennox solution available.

Trane HVAC Systems

For more than 100 years, Trane HVAC units have kept homes in the Southwestern United States comfortable – even during the most extreme heat. In fact, back in the early 1940′s when Las Vegas was coming into its early growth cycle, Trane units were frequently installed in some of the most legendary casinos. The rest – they say is history. However, Trane units are especially great to handle the extreme heat and high winds we get here in Phoenix. Another item to mention is that Trane is regarded by most independent review companies as being one of the best central air conditioners available today. If you’re looking for dependability and efficiency, Trane cooling units make an outstanding choice.

Bryant HVAC Systems

Another leading manufacture that supplies Arizona homes with comfortable cool air around the clock are Bryant HVAC systems. Bryant specializes in manufacturing central air and heat pump units that can withstand the extreme temperatures we often get for more than half of the year. These systems are especially good at saving energy – as each Bryant unit is engineered to surpass Energy Star® ratings. It’s their dedication to manufacturing superior products that focus on energy efficiency that makes Bryant one of the best air conditioning brands made today.

The trick here is navigating through these three leading manufacturers of the best air conditioning unit for Phoenix Arizona homes. This is where getting the expert opinion of local air conditioning contractors in Phoenix that sells, services and installs all three brands is invaluable.


When you’re in search of the best cooling system for you home and you want to buy a Trane, Lennox or Bryant system, contact the air conditioning experts at Scottsdale Air Heating & Cooling directly at 480-359-7141.

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